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What’s New in Xamarin Forms with Michael Ridland and Adam Stephensen | Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017

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Microsoft Ignite Australia is on the Gold Coast this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action. Adam Stephensen Interviews Michael Ridland In this interview Michael discusses: 1. The different flavours of...

Hanselman Unplugged 2 | Back Down Under

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Scott Hanselman was in Australia as a special guest presenter at NDC Sydney. Scott was awesome enough to stop in at SSW to give a talk at an extra-special Sydney .NET users group. In this session, audience membe...

Getting Started with ReactiveUI | Mitchell Tilbrook at Xamarin Hack Day Sydney

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In this presentation, Mitchell Tilbrook, Lead Android Developer for SeatFrog, dives into the world of ReactiveUI. He explains: Why you should use ReactiveUI Reactive Extensions Bootraspping Xamarin Forms ...

Building ‘Real-World’ Apps with Xamarin.Forms | Michael Ridland and Xamarin Hack Day Sydney

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Mobile development is hard! That's why Xamarin Guru Michael Ridland will walk us though Xamarin.Forms; a powerful way to design Android & iOS UI's from a single, shared C# codebase. Easy! This presentation w...

Asynchronous Programming with Xamarin | Filip Ekberg at Xamarin Hack Day Sydney

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In this presentation, Filip Ekberg, C# and Xamarin MVP, gives us a real practical demo of Async and Await in Xamarin. This presentation was part of the Sydney Xamarin Hack Day line-up. Head over to the Xamarin Hack...

Hacking Agile | Best Parts of Agile | Gerard Beckerleg at Xamarin Hack Day

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In this short presentation, Gerard Beckerleg - SSW Solution Architect - shows us how we can use Agile to more effectively develop our mobile applications. This presentation was part of the Sydney Xamarin Hack Day l...

Supercharge Your Xamarin App! | Chris Briggs at Xamarin Hack Day Sydney

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In this video, SSW's Chris Briggs gives us a quick-fire lesson on how to better build our Xamarin apps. He shows: How we can handle frustrating transient exceptions effortless with Polly How to simplify persi...

Xamarin, Cordova and Mobile Apps with Jesse Liberty

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Book Adam Now In this video, Adam Cogan talks with Jesse Liberty about mobile app development, specifically using Xamarin and Cordova. Take the Poll! Have you released a Xamarin App?

Past, Present and Future of MONO with Miguel de Icaza

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Book Adam Now In this video, Adam Cogan talks to the creator of Xamarin - Miguel de Icaza - about MONO, Miguel's original invention that dealt with cross platform development. Let us know how you feel, take the pol...

Xamarin.Forms & MVVM | Dev Superpowers Episode #10 | David Burela

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Book David Now In episode 10 of our Dev Superpowers series David Burela will show how you can combine the cross platform native UI capabilities of Xamarin.Forms with the clean structuring of MVVM (Model, View, ViewM...

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