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Farewell Brian Harry | Brian’s achievements and highlights from the last 23 years at Microsoft

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In this video Adam Cogan sits down with the father of TFS and co-creator of .NET Brian Harry. They discuss some of Brian's achievements and highlights at Microsoft, his lessons learned and advice to upcoming manage...

Migrating from TFS to the cloud… without losing your mind (or any data at all) | Adam Cogan & Danijel Malik

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Are you tired of upgrading and maintaining your on-premises TFS? Do you just want to use the sweet visualstudio.com portal? Are you worried about losing your TFS history when you move to VSTS? If your ans...

Building and running a large scale service on Windows Azure | Grant Holliday

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In this session Grant Holliday - Senior Service Engineer for Microsoft - takes us through an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Team Foundation Service and explores what it takes to build and operate a large scal...

TFS ASAP! | Automate Your TFS Plugins with Sven Hubert

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Book Adam Now Adam Cogan sits down to explore Sven Hubert's new tool - TFS ASAP and how it can improve the TFS experience by automating plugins Take the Quiz!

Sneak Peek: VSO Enhancer with Tiago Pascoal

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Tiago gives Adam a quick tour to VSO Enhancer. A product he is developing, to enable Visual Studio Online users (since the video has been recorded support for TFS 2013 on premises as been added) to get a more streamli...

Climbing the Agile Testing Ladder with Adam Cogan and Damian Brady

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Book Adam Now Adam Cogan and Damian Brady explore Agile Testing. They discuss: Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server 2013 MTM Lab Manager Take the Quiz!

What’s new for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 | Adam Cogan

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Book Adam Now The latest versions of Visual Studio and TFS bring some great new features for developers, Product Owners, testers, and even the crusty old stakeholders. More than ever, TFS integrates the whole ALM st...

Brian Keller at Build | Best features of Visual Studio 2012, ALM, TFS and thoughts on his famous VM

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Adam Cogan interviews Brian Keller, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, at the Build conference. In this interview, Adam and Brian discuss what he is happy with in TFS ALM and what he would improve. They also cover ...

How to Implement Scrum Using Team Foundation Server 2012 with Gerard Beckerleg

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Today, 84% of Agile teams are using Scrum. Gerard will guide you through what’s new in Team Foundation Server 2012, changes in the Visual Studio Scrum template, how to use the new Agile project management tools, an...

Scrum at Microsoft: See the TFS Agile Team do a Scrum (aka Stand Up)

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Scrum is a hot topic of discussion for many IT professionals. The Scrum Guide defines the Daily Scrum (aka Daily Stand-Up) but does not prescribe a way to implement it. Every team is different and not everyone impl...

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