Tech News #16 – Microsoft Power Pages, SSW Rewards App, Microsoft Teams – Live Share

The new and improved SSW Rewards App has launched, Team Live Share is a new upcoming feature, Microsoft Power Pages has shipped, and plenty more!


Tech News #15 – Elon Musk says Twitter deal cannot move forward, Apple discontinues last iPod model

Will GitHub force Multi-Factor Authentication by 2023? Is Elon Musk going ahead with the Twitter deal? Watch and find out!


Power Automate Flows with Calum Simpson and Adam Cogan – Long

Power Automate lets power users automate away repeatable manual processes. They can go from zero to hero in under a day!


Developing Flexible Authorization Capabilities in ASP.NET Core with Jason Taylor

In this talk, Jason Taylor will demonstrate an approach using permission-based authorization to overcome these limitations by building a flexible approach to managing roles and permissions from within your system. This will improve the maintainability and visibility of access control across your system. Putting the power into the hands of application users and administrators, rather than developers.


Tech News #13 – State of JS Survey 2021, AU domains available, GitHub issues changes, .NET 7 preview

Join Adam as he delivers the latest Tech News during our March User Group.

.NET turns 20!

Tech News: The dark side of Open Source, Mermaid.js, AirTag tracking misuse & .Net turns 20!

Join Adam on a rollercoaster of emotions as we celebrate with .Net for their 20th birthday 🎂 then delve into spooky tales from the dark side of GitHub’s open-source world 🙀


Tech News: .NET from Xamarin to MAUI, Visual Studio 2022, GitHub Actions, Microsoft Teams, AngularJS (RIP)

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through SSW Tech News: .NET from Xamarin to MAUI, Visual Studio 2022, GitHub Actions, Microsoft Teams, AngularJS (RIP)


What you need to know about Containers (in under 3 minutes!)

Build and ship your application anywhere.


Routing in ASP.NET Core 3.0 | ‘Tech Tips’ @ NDC Sydney 2019

Brendan Richards and Ryan Nowak explain the new End Point Routing system included in ASP.NET Core. They look at some practical problems in routing and middleware and how Endpoint Routing solves them.