Tech News #14 VS Code, GitHub push protect, NET MAUI RC, Azure VMs + ARM chips, GitHub code search

Did someone ask “What’s the latest Github update?” Join our CEO Adam Cogan as he gives us the monthly tech news update from the SSW Brisbane office.


SSW SophieBot: Introduction to Adaptive Cards Designer the best UI tool for Microsoft bots

Join SSW Software Architect Luke Mao as he demonstrates how to build a profile card with Adaptive Cards Designer, using SSW SophieBot.


Introduction to LUIS Natural language for bots (using SSW SophieBot)

Join Software Architect Jim Zheng as he gives us a look into the SSW SophieBot, an AI chatbot that leverages the power of the Microsoft bot framework and Language Understanding (LUIS) to search for data with natural language search terms.


Tech News: EF Core 6 released, Windows 11 updates Notepad, Apple to release autonomous car

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through SSW Tech News: EF Core 6, Azure Communication Services, Windows 11 Notepad, Apple plans to release fully autonomous car, Visual Studio 2022


SSW Tech News: Microsoft Loop, .NET 6, npm and Yarn packages, NuGet 6, Visual Studio 2022, GitHub, Teams

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through SSW Tech News covering Microsoft Loop, .NET 6, npm & Yarn packages, NuGet 6, Visual Studio 2022, GitHub and Teams.

October Tech News

Tech News: .NET 6, Windows 11 released, GitHub Advisory Databases, and MacBook Pro 2021

Big news with .NET 6 and Windows 11 launched. Join Adam Cogan as he looks at some interesting news from October 2021.

September tech news w/ Adam Cogan

Tech News: SpaceCows, GitHub code scanning, BitCoin legal tender and more

Azure Space partnerships, VS Code language detection and GitHub code scanning! Join Adam Cogan as he looks at some interesting news from September 2021.

august tech news

August Tech News – OpenAI API that writes for you, AI Instagram models, Neurosurgery using HoloLens

Join Adam Cogan as he breaks down some interesting tech news from August 2021.

July Tech News SSW 2021

July Tech News – GitHub’s AI coding, Windows 11, and Self-driving Pizza

SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan takes us through the latest news from the tech industry. 0:00 Introduction 0:18 AI that helps you code! GitHub Copilot 3:37 Visual Studio 2022 – 64-bit upgrade… 5:20 Windows 11… 7:04 Windows 365 launched… 7:47 Brisbane gets Robot Waiters 8:03 Self-driving Pizza… 8:25 Easy…