8 Steps to Scrum

8 Steps To Scrum – Scrum explained

Scrum is an Agile framework that SSW has been using for over 20 years. See how easy it is for you to use in these 8 Steps To Scrum.

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Dev Containers from Microsoft (was Remote Containers) with Piers Sinclair

Want to save time when working with other developers? Then watch Piers explain Dev containers in Visual Studio.


Explaining a PBI to a Product Owner with Jake Bayliss

Hear from SSW Senior Software Engineer Jake Bayliss about the importance of providing context, showcasing your work and asking for questions & direction from Product Owners.


Catering to your audience with Piers Sinclair

Often when you are talking with others, it is easy to forget they have a different background and experience to you. Then, once you start explaining something to them, they easily become lost.


Defining PBIs and talking to the Product Owner with Luke Cook

It is very common that a developer looks at a PBI to work on, and find out that it has limited or missing information.


Education in the Cloud – Campion’s Digital Journey with Alexander Candy-Levy, Michael Smedley and Patrick Zhao

See how four million students are moving from paper to digital, leveraging containerized microservices for scale, and integrating with a complex partner network as well as the national schools ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams Revealed – Getting a Group of People to Work Together

Take charge of communication in your Team and get started with Microsoft Teams. This video will guide you through your first few steps with Teams using the simple example of a building at 81 Military Road. Teams offers a great solution to collaboration using the Office 365 platform. Get ready for a productivity boost, better…

Rapidly Producing Real World IoT Projects – presented by Peter Cole [Microsoft]

Peter was given the challenge of producing a low cost customer tracking solution for the Microsoft Technology Centre in Sydney. The team was astounded at how he made a working prototype in just 3 days, using open source technology, RFID tags and Azure IoT services. Watch this presentation and see how you can do it…

Avoiding Agile Anti-patterns with #NoProjects and #AgileManagementTransformation

Avoiding Agile Anti-patterns with #NoProjects and #AgileManagementTransformation

Agile project methodologies are widely adopted by the IT industry, but the project failure rates remain consistent. John will share his experience of common Systemic Agile anti-patterns, examine the underlying causes of these failures and present remedies in order to #MakeAgileGreatAgain.