Azure real-time analytics with Prem Radhakrishnan

Get started with Hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) in Azure. This talk will explore real time analytics in Azure without traditional ETL processes and data warehouses.

October Tech News

Tech News: .NET 6, Windows 11 released, GitHub Advisory Databases, and MacBook Pro 2021

Big news with .NET 6 and Windows 11 launched. Join Adam Cogan as he looks at some interesting news from October 2021.

Custom YouTube Playlists

Do you have playlists & custom thumbnails on your YouTube channel?

SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan shows how to categorize your YouTube channel with playlists and custom thumbnails to maximize user engagement.

GitHub actions

An intro to GitHub Actions – Test and deploy multiple services

In this Tech Talk, Andreas Lengkeek has a chat with Matt Goldman about: Github Actions and deploying artifacts; deploying multiple-services; and testing an end-to-end solution.


Do you use great email signatures? SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan shows how to setup professional email signatures with a few clicks of a button using CodeTwo. || Subscribe for more content from SSW TV || || Press like and leave a comment below to let us know how we’re doing || Twitter ↴ Facebook…

September tech news w/ Adam Cogan

Tech News: SpaceCows, GitHub code scanning, BitCoin legal tender and more

Azure Space partnerships, VS Code language detection and GitHub code scanning! Join Adam Cogan as he looks at some interesting news from September 2021. 00:00 – VS code now automatically detects the language of code you copy/paste :… 02:36 – GitHub now has code scanning on the fly:… 03:58 – Pair SonarLint with…


Blast off with Blazor! 🚀 – Supercharged Enterprise UIs using AntDesign with Luke Parker

Blazor is taking the hobbyist world by storm, but did you know it is perfect for enterprise applications? Having the whole project in one place in one language has done wonders for the development experience. However, as new tech in its perceived infancy there are doubts about whether it’s aged enough for production scenarios. This…


Do you spot common gotchas in NDA contracts?

Signing contracts – A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) also known as a Confidentiality Agreement can sometimes have a lot of legal implications and you should be careful before signing one. 00:39 What is an NDA? 01:15 Before consulting a lawyer, businesses can ask for sensible amendments 01:40 Mutual vs. one-way agreements 02:55 Check for Indemnity clauses 04:21 Be…

august tech news

August Tech News – OpenAI API that writes for you, AI Instagram models, Neurosurgery using HoloLens

Join Adam Cogan as he breaks down some interesting tech news from August 2021. 00:00 – Introduction 00:18 – All of NSW is going into major lockdown… 01:55 – Australian Schools to do their big HSC exams remotely:… 03:27 – TikTok overtakes Facebook!… 03:59 – Open GitHub editor with a fullstop “.”…