Fluxor + C#9 – Redux Pattern in Blazor WebAssembly

Redux pattern is well-known in front end development to represent a view with complex logic with an immutable state, updated by a predictable pure function. In this lightning talk, Chris will discuss how to implement the redux pattern in a Blazor WebAssembly project using Fluxor with the latest .NET 5 and C# capabilities to implement…


Blazor Web Apps – Goodbye JavaScript! I’m in love with C#

By this time next year most of us will be hooked on Blazor WebAssembly. Now we can run C# code directly in our browsers and get the added bonus of having a full .NET stack for building enterprise web applications. In this talk, William explains how for many years the only option we had was…


Power Apps – The Tesla of Software Development | Calum Simpson

Want to get off the line faster than a Lamborghini, for a lower up front cost? Buy a Tesla. Want to get your app up and running faster than traditional software development, for a lower up front cost? Use Power Apps. In this talk, Calum gets you from 0-100 in under 3 seconds with the…


Is Github the best Content Management System (CMS)?

Adam Cogan – SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director – explains: 1. What a Pull Request is 2. That Markdown is better than html/css for web content 3. Why Github should be the database of content websites (like a CMS) 4. is a great example

Azure Automated ML A

Build your first deep learning solution using Azure Automated ML

Machine learning is a blazing topic today. Data scientists love the power of machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow. However, software developers can struggle with a TensorFlow based machine learning solution on Azure. In this talk, I will show you how to use TensorFlow to design a deep learning neural network, train, and save the…


Accessify your Blazor apps – Hot accessibility techniques for Blazor apps

Accessibility can be a jungle to navigate for regular websites and it becomes impenetrable for complex web applications. It doesn’t need to be this way. Ross will show three core techniques that move beyond the basics to really address how to start strong and begin to make your Blazor apps accessible. Ross will explain why…


Working From Home – Tips, Tricks and Strategies for the Tech World with Jason Taylor

All developers should be writing automated tests. In fact modern developers should be doing Clean Testing. Systems that adhere to the principles of Clean Architecture are independent of UIs, databases, frameworks, and other external concerns. As a result, the domain and business logic, the most important parts of the system, are completely isolated from external…


Preparing for COVID-19 and WFH: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for the Tech World | Adam Cogan

More commonly known as the Coronavirus, the outbreak has meant many businesses have had to instigate a ‘work from home’ policy to ensure the health and well being of their employees. This presents a number of challenges for both the employer and employee. In this presentation – the first online-only session delivered by SSW –…


Building Trust in Teams – 2 Role Play Examples | Tech Tips @ NDC Sydney

SSW’s Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan interviews Richard Campbell of DotNet Rocks! fame all on building trust in teams. They use 2 real life role play examples – one in person confrontation and then another but through email. They discuss: – Daniel Pink’s book ‘Drive’ which features his framework: ‘Autonomy, Mastery and…