Luke Cook_1x1_PBI_Titles

Do you use meaningful PBI titles? | Luke Cook | SSW Rules

When a developer or Product Owner is looking through the backlog, it’s important that – at a glance – they can read the titles of PBIs and have a decent understanding of them.


Tech News #24 featuring the state of JS, new timelines in Github, Chat GPT and more!

Hear about the latest numbers and top programming languages in the state of JS, new timelines and achievements in GitHub, Microsoft’s increasing investment in Chat GPT and more.


Sustainability in the cloud With Shane Baldacchino & Bryden Oliver | NDC Sydney 2022

Climate change impacts us all. While your choice of programing language might seem like much of a contributor to a carbon footprint.

On a scale, this does add up and not only can cost the environment but the hip pocket as well.


Master Video Editing Terms with Adam and Eve Cogan | SSW Rules

It’s important for anyone involved to know the basic video editing terms to keep feedback clear and concise.


Boost Productivity: Say Goodbye to Time Wasting with this Simple Trick – No Hello | SSW Rules

Please don’t say just ‘Hello’ in chat. It’s as if you called someone on the phone and said “Hi!” and then put them on hold!


Build your own Source Generator With Chris Sienkiewicz & JK | NDC Sydney 2022

In this video, Jernej Kavka talks with a senior compiler engineer at Microsoft Chris Sienkiewicz about building and configuring source generators.


Augmented reality and the future of devices with Richard Campbell and Ulysses Maclaren

Phones have ruled our digital experience for over a decade. But where will we go for information and how will we expect it to be delivered?


Do you know how to choose an Enterprise Password Manager? | Warwick Leahy | SSW Rules

Most organizations store lots of passwords. There is often a need to share these passwords with other staff and these passwords all need to be unique, long and complex.


NPM package hell 🔥… How to avoid going insane with Brook Jeynes

Have you ever seen a developer’s version of hell? We have, and in this video, Brook Jeyness shows us what all developers fear most about updating packages. As well as what we can do to avoid sending developers through the 9 realms of “DevOps’ inferno”.