Understanding Enterprise Tier with Tina CMS | Will Liebenberg

Welcome to our exploration of the Enterprise tier in Tina CMS! In this video, William walks you through the intricacies of enterprise-level content management and why it matters for large-scale organizations. From understanding the unique needs of enterprise clients to exploring custom features and robust support, this guide covers it all.

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Getting started with Tina CMS | Matt Wicks

Welcome to our tutorial on getting started with Tina CMS! In this video, join Matt Wicks and learn how easy and powerful it is to use Tina CMS for managing your content. Whether you’re a seasoned JavaScript developer or new to the world of content management, this guide will help you set up and start using Tina CMS in no time.

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TinaCMS Announcement | Adam Cogan

Join Adam Cogan for a special announcement as SSW proudly acquires Tina CMS! In this video, we dive into the details of this exciting acquisition, discuss the benefits of Tina CMS, and share some fun moments with llamas. Discover why Tina CMS is the best choice for content management, from small blogs to large enterprises. Learn about its powerful features, exceptional version control, and live editing capabilities.

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AI Powered Navigation for French Payroll Expert | Thomas Bidou

Join us as we explore the journey of French Payroll Expert (FPE), a company that provides payroll services from A to Z to foreign companies working in France. Discover how integrating an AI-powered chatbot, developed in collaboration with SSW, has revolutionized their customer service, addressing common queries efficiently and accurately.


Efficient Task Management with Microsoft Loop Tutorial | Tanya Leahy | SSW Rules

Discover how to streamline your task management with Microsoft Loop! In this video, Tanya Le, the Operations Coordinator at SSW, demonstrates how to create a shared, real-time workspace that you and your boss can edit together. Perfect for those unexpected calls from busy bosses. Learn step-by-step how to set up and use Microsoft Loop within Microsoft Teams, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. Don’t miss this essential productivity tip!


The importance of annual reviews for developers | Adam Cogan & Ulysses Maclaren | SSW Rules

Join SSW’s Chief Architect, Adam Cogan and SSW’s General Manager, Ulysses Maclaren as they discuss the importance of annual reviews for Software Developers, emphasizing the must-haves and the “icing on the cake”. Learn about key metrics, from billability to mentorship, and discover how to balance essential tasks with additional contributions to make the most out of your annual review.

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Data Deletion | Adam Cogan & Matt Wicks | SSW Rules

In this interview, SSW’s Chief Architect Adam Cogan sits down with SSW’s Solution Architect Matt Wicks to discuss the importance of data management in software development. They delve into the significance of data integrity and offer advice to budding developers. Discover their perspectives on cascade deletes, soft deletes, UI bugs, and more. Join the dialogue to grasp how data forms the core of application reliability. Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights for fostering a robust data-driven approach to coding.


Talk before emailing – are you gold or silver? | Adam Cogan & Andrew Harris | SSW Rules

In this interview, SSW’s Chief Architect Adam Cogan sits down with SSW’s Solution Architect Andrew Harris to discuss the importance and evolution of the “As per our conversation” SSW Rule in email communication. They discuss the importance of confirming conversations, the challenges some face in following it, and the value it brings to any business communication. Join the conversation and share your insights in the comments!


Exploring Radius: A Cloud-Native Platform | William Liebenberg & Will Velida

Join SSW’s William Liebenberg as he interviews Will Velida, Lead Engineer at Mantel Group, at NDC Sydney. Together, they discuss Radius, a cutting-edge cloud-native platform designed to bridge the gap between developers and operators. Learn more about the essence of Radius, its capabilities, and how it simplifies the complex task of building and operating cloud-native applications.