.NET Core


MAUI Blazor Hybrid Apps | .NET MAUI #5

See how you can build mobile apps using Blazor instead! Turn your web app skills into mobile app skills in 20 minutes.


Storing & Processing User Input | .NET MAUI #4

How do you bind data to your views? How do you consume user input to “do the things”? Follow Matt Goldman as he walks Luke Cook through the basics of data binding in .NET MAUI.


Introduction to XAML | .NET MAUI #3

Learn how to harness the power of .NET MAUI views and components – robust UI elements that provide platform-sensitive behaviour straight out of the box!


Getting Started | .NET MAUI #2

Explore the foundations of a .NET MAUI project, interact with the device emulators, and start building out a UI!


Clean Architecture in 5 minutes with Jason Taylor and Piers Sinclair | NDC Melbourne 2022

The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building enterprise applications.


What is MAUI | .NET MAUI #1

Matt Goldman takes us on a tour of .NET MAUI, where it came from and how the tech stack works under the hood.


Upcoming Series | .NET MAUI w/ Matt Goldman and Luke Cook

Got questions about .NET MAUI? Matt Goldman and Luke have the answers for you right here!

We talk about what it is, how to get started, the basics of XAML, and all the goodness you need to get up and running with .NET MAUI today.


Tech News #18: New tool to migrate from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core & GitHub Pages made easier

Visual Studio releases a new tool to migrate from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core, GitHub Pages made easier with new deeply with GitHub actions and you too can win big with this year’s MAUI Beautiful UI Challenge.


Developing Flexible Authorization Capabilities in ASP.NET Core with Jason Taylor

In this talk, Jason Taylor will demonstrate an approach using permission-based authorization to overcome these limitations by building a flexible approach to managing roles and permissions from within your system. This will improve the maintainability and visibility of access control across your system. Putting the power into the hands of application users and administrators, rather than developers.