Multitenancy with SQL Server with Andreas Lengkeek & Mehmet Ozdemir

In this video SSW Solution Architect Mehmet Ozdemir chats with Andreas Lengkeek about the three options for Multitenancy with SQL Server and how he goes about choosing the right option to run his enterprise applications.


Managing GitHub Issues with Adam Cogan

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through some crucial information on managing your projects. He’ll be looking into GitHub Issues, as well as GitHub Projects, GitHub Labels, and “all that good stuff”.

Modern web dev

Modern Web Dev with Blazor and .NET 6 with Jason Taylor

Ready to get up to speed with Blazor WebAssembly? You’ve picked the right time! Blazor has been running production systems for over two years now – it’s battle-tested and what’s more, Microsoft is just about to launch .NET 6 , the long-term support version of their hugely successful development platform.

GitHub actions

An intro to GitHub Actions – Test and deploy multiple services

In this Tech Talk, Andreas Lengkeek has a chat with Matt Goldman about: Github Actions and deploying artifacts; deploying multiple-services; and testing an end-to-end solution.


Do you have a formal or informal mentoring program? Ulysses Maclaren and Adam Cogan get into some great points about mentoring, including both being a mentor and being mentored. 0:00 – What is Mentoring? 1:01 – Ad Hoc mentoring 2:50 – Scheduled/Planned mentoring 3:39 – How would you start being mentored? (a role play) 5:13 – Accountability buddies! 6:52 – Choose what to…


Do you use the Pomodoro Technique? Jason Taylor and Adam Cogan discuss a great method for keeping focus and managing your time. “Jason is a person to listen to. His clients often tell us at SSW how incredibly productive he is…” – Adam Cogan | SSW Chief Architect 1:18 – What is the Pomodoro technique? 3:09 – Why would you…


Do you spot common gotchas in NDA contracts?

Signing contracts – A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) also known as a Confidentiality Agreement can sometimes have a lot of legal implications and you should be careful before signing one. 00:39 What is an NDA? 01:15 Before consulting a lawyer, businesses can ask for sensible amendments 01:40 Mutual vs. one-way agreements 02:55 Check for Indemnity clauses 04:21 Be…

Dictate Outlook emails

Write hands-free emails easily on Outlook and Word with Dictate Writing via Dictate is easy and can help you level up your efficiency! Ulysses Maclaren shows Adam Cogan how to do it, and compares it to his experience using Apple’s Siri to dictate. —————————————————————————— || Subscribe for more content from SSW TV || || Press like and leave a comment below to let us…

May Tech News

May Tech News – Windows 10, Android 12 and an Azure refresh | Adam Cogan

SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan and SSW Solution Architect Matt Wicks take us through the latest news from the tech industry. 0:00 Introduction BUILD conference happening on 25-27 May 4:59 Windows 10 performance update… 5:52 Azure static web apps… 8:52 Azure logo gets a refresh… 10:04 Blazor Day 10:56 Cosmos…