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Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC5 | Dev Superpowers Episode #1 | David Burela

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SSW is proud to introduce a new series of Webinars for developers. Every month, we introduce a new superpower from the Microsoft stack of technologies. In the first episode, we look at Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5. David...

Building and running a large scale service on Windows Azure | Grant Holliday

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In this session Grant Holliday - Senior Service Engineer for Microsoft - takes us through an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Team Foundation Service and explores what it takes to build and operate a large scal...

Scott Hanselman on Windows Azure and Visual Studio 2013

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In a special presentation at the Sydney .Net Users Group, Scott Hanselman talked openly and candidly about all things Microsoft, specifically on Windows Azure and Visual Studio 2013. You also see Hanselman dig ...

Scott Hanselman Unplugged in Sydney – Open Q&A on Microsoft and Azure

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Handsome-Hanselman Unplugged – open Q&A This is the first part of a 2 part series featuring special guest Scott Hanselman. Scott presented at the Sydney Users Group about Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Azure. ...

Building Multiplatform Mobile Applications with Azure Mobile Services | Nick Hodge

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Azure Mobile Services makes it easy to build a common backend for your multi-platform mobile applications. Nick Hodge - Professional Geek and Microsoft employee talks about adding authentication, server logic, push...

Ease your mobile app development to the cloud powered by Javascript with Azure Mobile Services | Glenn Block

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Javascript, it’s not just for browsers anymore. If you are a Javascript developer today you are no longer confined to the browser frame, you can take those skills to mobile devices, servers and the cloud. The technolo...

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