Using Virtualisation to Debug Mobile Applications | Craig Woollett

Virtualisation is the core of cloud technology but it also provides an opportunity for developers to simulate production environments for ease of testing and debugging. This presentation demonstrates debugging Web API for an Android mobile application using Genymotion and Visual Studio as part of a virtual test network. Also there will be a demonstration of…

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Code Auditor and Roslyn – Happy Ever After | Danijel Malik

At SSW we care about quality. We care about it so much that we built a tool named Code Auditor which scans code and reports issues. It’s not really a secret that our rules relied on C# snippets and Regex patterns. Over time – as the C# language evolved – we started seeing false positives.…

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How to choose the best developer boot camp for you

In this interview Marlon Marescia from FireBootCamp interviews Jonathan Lau from SwitchUp.org on: Jonathan’s experience attending a coding bootcamp How to choose the right boot camp to attend The pros and cons of coding boot camps Which platform to learn when starting to code Take the Quiz! [WATUPRO 59]

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