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SSW’s FireBootCamp | Week 2 in review video (Scrum Sprint Reviews)

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The second video produced by SSW TV for SSW's FireBootCamp, a new .NET training course in Sydney (and available in more locations.) Check out the video above to see how they did in their second week of the Boot Cam...

How to Estimate in Software Development with Gerard Beckerleg | #NoEstimates

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After his successful session last year on Agile Scrum, our resident Scrum White Robe Gerard Beckerleg is at it again, except this time he's taking on one of the most divisive topics in software development: Estimation...

Agile in the Enterprise | Lessons Learned in the Real World

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Happy New Year from the SSW TV team! We're kickstarting the year by releasing a video special. It's an in-depth interview featuring a real life product owner who talks to us about his perspectives using Agile on a ...

‘Kanban for Developers’ and ‘Kaizen: Continuous Process Improvement’ with TJ Gokcen (2 Parts)

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Talk #1 - Kanban for Developers There is much hype about Kanban since it was perfected and introduced to the world by Toyota. Since then, not only manufacturers but all businesses looked into this simple but extremel...

What is a ‘Scrum Master’? | Scrum Guide

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We've converted the 'Scrum Master' definition from the 2013 Scrum Guide into cartoon form to illustrate the role of a Scrum Master in a Scrum team. (from the 2013 Scrum Guide) The Scrum Master The Scrum Master ...

Climbing the Agile Testing Ladder with Adam Cogan and Damian Brady

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Book Adam Now Adam Cogan and Damian Brady explore Agile Testing. They discuss: Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server 2013 MTM Lab Manager Take the Quiz!

What’s new for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 | Adam Cogan

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Book Adam Now The latest versions of Visual Studio and TFS bring some great new features for developers, Product Owners, testers, and even the crusty old stakeholders. More than ever, TFS integrates the whole ALM st...

Software Development Contracts and Contract Disputes | Tips and Tricks with Cameron Shaw

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At the beginning of a contract everything often goes swimmingly. The client loves you and you get paid on time, every time. Then, after a few issues or delays, the contract can go a little bit off the rails. There...

What is a ‘Product Owner’? | Scrum Guide

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We've converted the 'Product Owner' definition from the 2013 Scrum Guide into cartoon form to illustrate the role of a Product Owner in a Scrum team. (from the 2013 Scrum Guide) The Product Owner The Product Ow...

Brian Keller at Build | Best features of Visual Studio 2012, ALM, TFS and thoughts on his famous VM

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Adam Cogan interviews Brian Keller, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, at the Build conference. In this interview, Adam and Brian discuss what he is happy with in TFS ALM and what he would improve. They also cover ...

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