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How to build your own Visual Studio Extension | Dev Superpowers Episode #14 | Danijel Malik

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Visual Studio is an awesome development tool, but what really makes it great are the extensions you can find in the Visual Studio Gallery. You’ve at least heard about ReSharper, WebEssentials, JustCode and tools th...

Building an Onion Architecture with Entity Framework | Dev Superpowers Episode #13 | Brendan Richards

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Within this presentation Brendan Richards will explore and demonstrate how features of Entity Framework can assist in the implementation of a domain-centric, persistence-ignorant Onion Architecture design pattern. ...

Jumping into Windows Internet of Things development by using the Universal Windows Platform | Dev Superpowers Episode #12 | Chris Briggs

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This is a live coding session. You will see Chris Briggs deploy an app to the Raspberry Pi 2 using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

ASP.NET Identity using vNext | Dev Superpowers Episode #11 | Ben Cull

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Previous versions of ASP.NET Membership have left a bad taste in many developers mouths, and some are now dangerously out of date. In this episode of Dev Superpowers, Ben Cull will take you through the latest, grea...

Xamarin.Forms & MVVM | Dev Superpowers Episode #10 | David Burela

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Book David Now In episode 10 of our Dev Superpowers series David Burela will show how you can combine the cross platform native UI capabilities of Xamarin.Forms with the clean structuring of MVVM (Model, View, ViewM...

AngularJS with TypeScript made easy with Duncan Hunter | Dev Superpowers #9 | Duncan Hunter

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Learn how to harness the power of Typescript in your AngularJS projects. Setting up TypeScript with AngularJS for the first time can be challenging but in this session we make using this fantastic duo a piece of cake....

Continuous Deployment to Microsoft Azure Websites | Dev Superpowers #8 | Adam Stephensen

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In many teams, planning the deployment to production is one of the scarier aspects. This session will explore how you can connect your source code repository to Microsoft Azure to seamlessly enable continuous deployme...

How to make web applications with AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC | Dev Superpowers Episode #7 | Ben Cull

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Watch Ben Cull write some code as he transforms a rigid MVC web application into a dynamic pleasure using AngularJS. AngularJS is a client-side javascript framework that enables the creation of impressively dynamic...

Xamarin | Native iOS and Android Development | Dev Superpowers Episode #6 | Adam Stephensen

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Xamarin has been the best way to build cross platform applications for years. It just got better with the release of Xamarin Forms. With Xamarin forms you can now develop your UI as well as your business logic in Visu...

Project Management with Visual Studio Online | Dev Superpowers Episode #5 | Damian Brady

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In this session Damian Brady (SSW Solution Architect) will show you how to use Visual Studio Online to manage all aspects of your development project. Topics covered include: Getting started with ...

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