May Tech News – Windows 10, Android 12 and an Azure refresh | Adam Cogan

May Tech News

SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan and SSW Solution Architect Matt Wicks take us through the latest news from the tech industry. 0:00 Introduction BUILD conference happening on 25-27 May 4:59 Windows 10 performance update… 5:52 Azure static web apps… 8:52 Azure logo gets a refresh… 10:04 Blazor Day 10:56 Cosmos…

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Setting up your Ultimate Dev Environment | Matt Wicks

Matt Wicks and the Ultimate Dev Environment

Everyone wants the ultimate dev environment – but more CPU, RAM, and (let’s be honest) screens can be very expensive toys. Learn how to make your computer sing and tweak your Visual Studio and VS Code experience to improve your life as a developer.   There is a myriad of tools out there and ways…

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HoloLens – A World Where Anything is Possible | Stephen Carter

Never has there been a more exciting time to be on the forefront of technology, with HoloLens poised to be a major game-changer. SSW was one of the 1st companies in Australia to purchase the $3000 HoloLens developer edition Microsoft originally assumed it would be a gaming product, but surprisingly, these dev editions are not…

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Hanselman Unplugged 2 – Back Down Under

Scott Hanselman was in Australia as a special guest presenter at NDC Sydney. Scott was awesome enough to stop in at SSW to give a talk at an extra-special Sydney .NET users group. In this session, audience members were given the unique opportunity to ask any questions they wanted to Scott. Scott was incredibly “edutaining”…

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Windows 10 for IoT: What is it and how do you develop for it | Dave Glover

Windows 10 for IoT Microsoft brings the Universal Windows Platform app development to the amazing Raspberry Pi 2 and MinnnowBoard Max devices and that opens up a whole world of new opportunities. This is a technical developer session starting from first principles of IoT devices, programming languages and high level app support. It’ll be fun,…

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