Damian Brady

Cloud DevOps Advocate at Microsoft



Damian is a Microsoft MVP in Application Lifecycle Management and a Solution Architect for Octopus Deploy. He is the co-author of Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 from Wiley. He runs the Brisbane .NET User Group, and the annual DDD Brisbane conference.



Github end-to-end pipeline with Damian Brady & Matt Wicks

GitHub is more than just a place to keep your code. It offers features that cover your whole DevOps lifecycle from idea all the way into production.


Pragmatic DevOps | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

Pragmatic DevOps It’s easy to feel like DevOps is too hard to implement because the theory is hard to apply in their company. Rather than give up, it’s important to be pragmatic and try to solve the problems. To do this effectively, you need the theory. With books like The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn…

Intro to Machine Learning | Damian Brady at DDD Sydney 2018

Intro to Machine Learning | Damian Brady at DDD Sydney 2018

What exactly is machine learning? And more importantly, will I understand the answer without doing a Masters and a PhD? Sure! Join Damian, a fellow AI/ML-newbie, as he walks through what machine learning is, how it can be applied in your applications, and how you can actually create predictive models without accumulating a massive HELP…


DevOps Best Practices for Azure and VSTS – Damian Brady

Azure and VSTS are a match made in heaven but navigating the countless features and options can be tricky! There are many ways you can deploy an application, but what are the DevOps best practices that should be followed? In this session, learn now to deploy safely to production on Windows or Linux, with no…

Video thumbnail for youtube video Exploring ASP.NET, MVC and BETA 3 with Justin King - SSW TV

Getting your website on every device using ASP.NET MVC 4

Our very own Damian Brady took the stage at the DDD event in Brisbane to talk ASP.NET MVC Mobile devices like tablets and phones are quickly becoming the primary way people access the web. So why are so many sites still not designed for them? With ASP.NET MVC, it’s easier than ever to literally put…

NDC Sydney 2016 – Ask Me Anything! with Damian Brady (Octopus Deploy, How Not To Deploy)

NDC Sydney 2016 – Ask Me Anything! with Damian Brady (Octopus Deploy, Getting Better at Deployment, Testing)

NDC made it’s way to Sydney this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action. As usual there were a host of top industry pros talking about various subjects related to software development. SSW TV was there to run the ‘Ask Me Anything’ booth, where we grabbed some of those speakers after…