Joshua Wulf

Founder | Full-stack JS at Credit Sense Australia



Joshua is a tech genius, who works hard, owns yoga studios, is very well cultured and has friends who have their own action figures. At Just Digital People he is committed to the development of Australia's "Silicon Economy" and its role and contribution to the global economy, and to the career development of IT professionals in Australia. Joshua's work in the open source community over the last ten years is visible in document repositories, bug trackers, mailing lists, and revision control systems worldwide.



NDC Sydney 2020 – Ask Me Anything!

Matt Wicks talks with Yaser about his talk at NDC: Tuning web performance with just browser APIs For more interviews, watch the full video playlist:  


Is Github the best Content Management System (CMS)?

Adam Cogan – SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director – explains: 1. What a Pull Request is 2. That Markdown is better than html/css for web content 3. Why Github should be the database of content websites (like a CMS) 4. is a great example


Clean Testing: Clean Architecture with .NET Core | Jason Taylor

All developers should be writing automated tests. In fact modern developers should be doing Clean Testing. Systems that adhere to the principles of Clean Architecture are independent of UIs, databases, frameworks, and other external concerns. As a result, the domain and business logic, the most important parts of the system, are completely isolated from external…


Preparing for COVID-19 and WFH: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for the Tech World | Adam Cogan

More commonly known as the Coronavirus, the outbreak has meant many businesses have had to instigate a ‘work from home’ policy to ensure the health and well being of their employees. This presents a number of challenges for both the employer and employee. In this presentation – the first online-only session delivered by SSW –…


Design Ops – How Developers and Designers can build things together faster | Tech Tips @ NDC Sydney

Adam Cogan interviews Kristy Sachse on how Designers and Developers can work together to get ideas into their customer’s hands as quickly as possible, so that they can be used, measured and improved. They look at a few ways teams can collaborate in the early phase of development through to prototyping and then delivery. They…


Building Trust in Teams – 2 Role Play Examples | Tech Tips @ NDC Sydney

SSW’s Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan interviews Richard Campbell of DotNet Rocks! fame all on building trust in teams. They use 2 real life role play examples – one in person confrontation and then another but through email. They discuss: – Daniel Pink’s book ‘Drive’ which features his framework: ‘Autonomy, Mastery and…