Mehdi Khalili

Senior Developer at Readify



Mehdi Khalili is a senior developer working for Readify. He lives in the Gold Coast in the South East of Queensland with his wife, Shadi, and his son Benjamin. He has been developing software professionally since 2002 and before that he coded for joy for a few years in a technical support role. He has worked with a variety of languages and settled for C# which he is quite fond of. That said, he has more passion for software engineering and architecture than any particular language or framework.


DDD Sydney 2012 – Mehdi Khalili: ‘Automated UI Testing Done Right’

DDD Sydney 2012 – Mehdi Khalili: ‘Automated UI Testing Done Right with Selenium’

Many teams try Automated UI Testing and many fail. Automated UI Testing is hard: the tests take a lot of time to write and tend to be brittle and hard to maintain. In this session, Mehdi Khalili will provide you with some practical advice on how to and how not to write your tests, introducing…

DDD Brisbane – Mehdi Khalili: ‘Advanced Web Debugging with Fiddler’

‘Advanced Web Debugging with Fiddler’ with Mehdi Khalili – DDD Brisbane

In our first presentation from DDD Brisbane, Mehdi Khalili demonstrates advanced web debugging techniques using Fiddler. Many developers have seen and used Fiddler; but the usage is usually limited to capturing HTTP traffic. This session includes the fundamentals of Fiddler, how it works, plus some of the more advanced features including setting breakpoints and changing…