Miguel De Icaza

.NET developer with Android and iOS



Miguel De Icaza was born in Mexico City and studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (UNAM) but never received a degree. He came from a family of scientists in which his father is a physicist and his mother a biologist. He started writing free software in 1992.

In May 2011, de Icaza started Xamarin to replace MonoTouch and Mono for Android after Novell was bought by Attachmate and the projects were abandoned. However, shortly afterwards Xamarin and Novell reached an agreement where Xamarin took over the development and sales of these products.

In 2014 he joined Anders Hejlsberg on stage during the announcements of the .NET Foundation and the open sourcing of Microsoft's C# Compiler. He serves on the board of directors of the .NET Foundation.


Past, Present and Future of MONO with Miguel de Icaza

Past, Present and Future of MONO with Miguel de Icaza

Book Adam Now In this video, Adam Cogan talks to the creator of Xamarin – Miguel de Icaza – about MONO, Miguel’s original invention that dealt with cross platform development. Let us know how you feel, take the poll! Do you like Xamarin?

The Vision of Xamarin – Miguel de Icaza

The Vision of Xamarin – Miguel de Icaza

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