Nik Molnar

Co-founder, Glimpse & Principle Program Manager at Microsoft



Nik lives in Austin Texas, is a PM on Microsoft's Cross-Platform and Open Tooling Team and co-founder of Glimpse, an open source diagnostics, and debugging tool. Originally from Homestead Florida, Nik specializes in the web with a bend towards performance. In his spare time, Nik can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hanging with his wife, speaking at conferences, and working on other open source projects.


NDC Sydney 2016 – Ask Me Anything! with Nik Molnar (Glimpse, Progressive Web Apps, Web Apps vs Native)

NDC Sydney 2016 – Ask Me Anything! with Nik Molnar (Progressive Web Apps)

NDC made it’s way to Sydney this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action. As usual there were a host of top industry pro’s talking about various subjects related to software development. SSW TV was there to run the ‘Ask Me Anything’ booth, where we grabbed some of those speakers after…