Peter Gfader

Silo Thinking Breaker & Feedback Loop Shortener



Peter dislikes crap software and tries his best to improve the profession of software development. For this reason, he joined From Peter himself: "One day, I woke up and realized that software development is not only about code, but also about people: From team mates till the end user. Some people you just give donuts and some you need to give a little bit more. I'm on a journey to make everyone happy". If he is not sitting on a mountain bike or playing the trumpet, you might find him at a local user group to hang out with other geeks.


Clean Code, Testing and Continuous Improvement with Peter Gfader

Clean Code, Testing and Continuous Improvement with Peter Gfader

SSW’s Adam Stephensen (Solution Architect) is joined by Peter Gfader to talk about Clean Code, testing and continuous improvement Peter Gfader is an Agile Enthusiast and aspiring Software Craftsman who likes Clean Code and is a strong believer in improving in baby steps. In this video, Peter discusses Clean Code development and how it raises…


How to Achieve Continuous Delivery with TFS – Peter Gfader

Manual deployments are NOT fun. In this presentation, Peter Gfader discusses: Continuous Delivery with msbuild and msdeploy How painful current deployments are What benefit we get through an automated deployment process How to automate the deployment with TFS 2010 Best practices with Continuous Delivery.