Stephen Carter

CTO | Technology Director at Greenleaf Enterprises Pty Ltd | Virtual Realist



Stephen Carter is a Senior Software Architect with SSW with a background in business and emergency services. During his 30-year career, Stephen has ridden the crest of numerous technological tsunamis, from the birth of the internet in the early 90’s, through to the introduction of mobile phones and mobile internet. Stephen believes we are on the crest of another technological revolution with the release of Microsoft’s HoloLens, and he is champing at the bit to explore the world of mixed reality and to share his learnings with developers, business, and enthusiasts alike.


HoloLens – A World Where Anything is Possible | Stephen Carter

HoloLens – A World Where Anything is Possible | Stephen Carter

Never has there been a more exciting time to be on the forefront of technology, with HoloLens poised to be a major game-changer. SSW was one of the 1st companies in Australia to purchase the $3000 HoloLens developer edition Microsoft originally assumed it would be a gaming product, but surprisingly, these dev editions are not…