Steve Smith

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Steve is an experienced software developer, architect, speaker, trainer, author, and entrepreneur, with his specialties being in: .NET Programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing and Advertising, IT Training and Consulting, Online Community Building. He has been developing web-based software using primarily Microsoft technologies since 1997. Steve has operated, one of the largest independent ASP/ASP.NET sites, from 1998-2012. He founded and later sold Lake Quincy Media, the largest Microsoft developer online advertising network. He also founded and later sold NimblePros, an agile consulting studio well-known for expertise as well as their Software Craftsmanship wall calendars. Steve is an author of several books on ASP.NET and Programming, most recently a contributor to 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. He has also authored several software development training courses for Pluralsight, including Principles of Object Oriented Design and many of their Design Patterns courses. Steve is an Army Combat Engineer Officer veteran - who spent most of 2004 in Iraq leading a platoon of engineers. He was honorably discharged as a Captain in 2005.


Common ASP.NET Design Patterns with Steve Smith (Executive VP of Telerik)

Common ASP.NET Design Patterns with Steve Smith (Executive VP of Telerik)

In this presentation, Steve Smith, Executive VP of Telerik, discusses Common ASP.NET Design Patterns. Design Patterns provide common templates for solving the same family of problems in a similar way. They also provide a higher-level language for software developers to use to describe approaches they might choose when designing a component of an application. In…