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Journey to DevSecOps! | Danijel Malik

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“Hey Dev, stop for a Sec… it’s not all about Ops!” Admit it! Ever since you adopted DevOps, things are spinning way faster than you thought they would. Tools are taking care of the CI/CD process, an APM platform gi...

DevOps in the Open Source Arena with Peter Gatt, Chris Fowles and Danijel Malik | Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017

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Microsoft Ignite Australia is on the Gold Coast this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action. Danijel Malik Interviews Peter Gatt and Chris Fowles In this interview, Danijel talks to Peter and Chris abou...

Migrating from TFS to the cloud… without losing your mind (or any data at all) | Adam Cogan & Danijel Malik

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Are you tired of upgrading and maintaining your on-premises TFS? Do you just want to use the sweet visualstudio.com portal? Are you worried about losing your TFS history when you move to VSTS? If your ans...

Secure DevOps with Sam Guckenheimer | Microsoft MVP Summit 2016

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SSW’s Danijel Malik's interview with Sam Guckenheimer, Chief Strategist for VSTS at Microsoft, to talk about DevOps and Security. Sam starts with Microsoft's journey from waterfall to DevOps before he shares some ins...

VSTS Package Management with Mario Rodriguez | Microsoft MVP Summit 2016

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SSW’s Danijel Malik's interview with Mario Rodriguez, Senior Program Manager for VSTS, at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle to have a chat about common issues surrounding package management. In this video, Mario exp...

Deploying ASP.NET Core Applications including Octopus, Docker & RM | Danijel Malik

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ASP.NET Core is a whole new world for ASP.NET developers because it opens the door to cross-platform development. However, it comes with a hefty price. Not only does it take some time before you get your head around, ...

API Management | Dev Superpowers Episode #19 | Danijel Malik

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The area of multi-platform development is rapidly evolving, and APIs are becoming key components in modern solutions. While ASP.NET WebAPI gives you almost everything to build a great API, there are a few areas to ...

Mastering ReSharper | Dev Superpowers Episode #18 | Danijel Malik

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Being a great professional requires from you to write high quality code and being fast at the same time. Unless you have a great toolset this certainly isn’t an easy task. Luckily the market is full of extensions f...

From Devs Oops to DevOps | Danijel Malik

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It's probably safe to say that most development teams are Agile. But regardless of which side you are on, nothing saves you if you start off on the wrong foot. There are a lot of pitfalls before your software goes into production, and you will learn about the most common mistakes that are taken in a hurry to get a product out.

How to build your own Visual Studio Extension | Dev Superpowers Episode #14 | Danijel Malik

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Visual Studio is an awesome development tool, but what really makes it great are the extensions you can find in the Visual Studio Gallery. You’ve at least heard about ReSharper, WebEssentials, JustCode and tools th...

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