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Xamarin.Forms & MVVM | Dev Superpowers Episode #10 | David Burela

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Book David Now In episode 10 of our Dev Superpowers series David Burela will show how you can combine the cross platform native UI capabilities of Xamarin.Forms with the clean structuring of MVVM (Model, View, ViewM...

Getting Started with SignalR | Dev Superpowers Episode #3 | David Burela

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In Episode 3 of the Dev SuperPower series, you'll learn how ... SignalR enables real time communications between a client & server. Rather than a client polling for updates, the server can now push updates to t...

Web API | Dev Superpowers Episode #2 | David Burela

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SSW TV is happy to present Episode 2 of the Dev Superpower series. In this episode, David Burela takes us through adding Web Api to an ASP .NET MVC website. David will show you how to expose your data in a stand...

ASP.NET vNext | Everything you need to know in 4 minutes!

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There are some significant changes coming in ASP.NET vNext. The early preview release from Microsoft gives us some interesting insights. Some highlights being: Project format is changing to a single JSON file AS...

Top 3 Features of Xamarin 3 in Under 3 Minutes!

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The release of Xamarin 3 brings a number of significant feature enhancements to create cross platform applications. In this short video, David Burela - SSW Solution Architect - looks at the top 3 features of Xamari...

Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC5 | Dev Superpowers Episode #1 | David Burela

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SSW is proud to introduce a new series of Webinars for developers. Every month, we introduce a new superpower from the Microsoft stack of technologies. In the first episode, we look at Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5. David...

Killing Kennedy | Building an Award Winning HTLM5 site for National Geographic

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'Kennedy and Oswald' is an multi-award winning website built by the design and tech gurus at Mullen, a Advertisement agency based in Boston. The website is a companion site to a National Geographic film about the...

How to expose your application’s data with Web Api | David Burela | FireBootCamp

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SSW TV produced this video for SSW's FireBootCamp. David Burela (SSW Solution Architect) takes the students through exposing their data via Web Api. Check out the post on FireBootCamp.