Mehmet Ozdemir

Mehmet Ozdemir Solution Architect at SSW ABOUT ME Mehmet Ozdemir is a Solution Architect at SSW, a Microsoft Certified Professional specializing in BI, CRM, and SharePoint solutions. Mehmet has extensive experience in Microsoft products both pre and post .NET and loves working with C#, VB .NET and SQL. In previous roles before SSW, Mehmet has…

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Web Forms Again

Find out in less than 4 minutes the Top 5 Reasons to ditch Web Forms and move over to MVC already! #1: Testability– MVC provides true separation of concerns, and makes it easy to test the whole application from Unit Tests to Coded UI Tests. #2: Instant Pages – Get your admin pages up and…

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The Pros and Cons of Using LightSwitch to Speed Up Your Development

SSW’s Mehmet Ozdemir, Solution Architect, is the host of this Webinar. He is joined by Andrew Coates, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, to talk about the pros and cons of using LightSwitch. They discuss: Introduction to LightSwitch and how it fits into Visual Studio The LightSwitch Architecture (Client Tier; Middle Tier; Data Access) Example library application…

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How To Improve Your SQL Server Database with Daniel Hyles and Mehmet Ozdemir

A chance to watch SSW’s latest Webinar broadcasted live on the 6th of October

Are your users starting a report and going for a coffee or a smoke while they wait? Are your users constantly complaining about timeouts when using your application?

If you find yourself with a sluggish database, stop pulling your hair out! In this webinar SSW will show you the top 8 methods we use to reduce the time it takes to run queries from minutes or hours to seconds.

This webinar will provide the viewer with:

1. Top 8 ways to improve the performance of your SQL Server Database
2. How to prevent performance issues from occurring
3. How to resolve these issues after it goes into production
4. How write code that ensures your SQL server remains healthy
5. Steps an administrator can take to return your SQL server to optimal health

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