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What’s New in Xamarin Forms with Michael Ridland and Adam Stephensen | Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017

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Microsoft Ignite Australia is on the Gold Coast this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action. Adam Stephensen Interviews Michael Ridland In this interview Michael discusses: 1. The different flavours of...

Building ‘Real-World’ Apps with Xamarin.Forms | Michael Ridland and Xamarin Hack Day Sydney

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Mobile development is hard! That's why Xamarin Guru Michael Ridland will walk us though Xamarin.Forms; a powerful way to design Android & iOS UI's from a single, shared C# codebase. Easy! This presentation w...

Introduction to iBeacons with Xamarin | Rod Howarth

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Developers have been using GPS and WiFi location detection to enhance their mobile applications and reduce the amount of input required by users by detecting where the user is at a given point in time. However these l...

A Xamarin.Forms Deep Dive

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In this session Michael Ridland takes a in depth look at Xamarin.Forms and answers the hard questions. Watch this session if you want to know: How the Xamarin.Forms magic works? Can Xamarin.Forms work in ...

Xamarin HackDay

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Xamarin HackDays aren’t just for Xamarin developers – they’re for anyone who wants to learn Xamarin to design, develop, integrate, test apps, and more. At our first Xamarin HackDay, our three presenters gave the au...

Introduction to Xamarin | Filip Ekberg

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In this session, Filip Ekberg provides us with a look at what Xamarin is, what problem does it solve and why it is important for your business. He later dives into how easily you can create a mobile application that r...