Andrew Coates

Developer Evangelist at Microsoft



Andrew is an Aussie Developer Evangelist working for Microsoft. In the past, Andrew has worked as a Consultant for Proscan Australia, as a Director at Civil Solutions and a Professional Officer at School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW.



7 Deadly Presentation Sins with Andrew & Samantha Coates

What makes a great presentation? More importantly, what are the elements that can destroy a great presentation, even if the content itself is technically sound? In this session Samantha and Andrew Coates demonstrate seven sins that must not be committed in a presentation, why and how a presentation can suffer from committing them, and how…

SSW Webinar: The pros and cons of using LightSwitch to speed up your development

The Pros and Cons of Using LightSwitch to Speed Up Your Development

SSW’s Mehmet Ozdemir, Solution Architect, is the host of this Webinar. He is joined by Andrew Coates, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, to talk about the pros and cons of using LightSwitch. They discuss: Introduction to LightSwitch and how it fits into Visual Studio The LightSwitch Architecture (Client Tier; Middle Tier; Data Access) Example library application…

Windows Azure – Moving Your Apps to the Cloud with Andrew Coates

Windows Azure – Moving Your Apps to the Cloud with Andrew Coates

Our latest Webinar is hosted by SSW’s Eric Phan, who is joined by Andrew Coates (Developer Evangelist at Microsoft) to talk all things Cloud and Azure. Being a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, Andrew is able to talk in great detail about the benefits of moving your apps to the cloud are and why Windows Azure…