Power Apps – The Tesla of Software Development | Calum Simpson

Want to get off the line faster than a Lamborghini, for a lower up front cost? Buy a Tesla. Want to get your app up and running faster than traditional software development, for a lower up front cost? Use Power Apps. In this talk, Calum gets you from 0-100 in under 3 seconds with the…

Azure Automated ML A

Build your first deep learning solution using Azure Automated ML

Machine learning is a blazing topic today. Data scientists love the power of machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow. However, software developers can struggle with a TensorFlow based machine learning solution on Azure. In this talk, I will show you how to use TensorFlow to design a deep learning neural network, train, and save the…

hqdefault (3) and the Mother of all Migrations | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

Explore the impressive new features on with Brendan Richards and Dan Fernandez. are awesome… and now have code samples that run! See how the magic happens via Azure containers that provide interactive docs that execute .Net code samples and Azure CLI operations in real-time. Also, hear behind-the-scenes stories on how one documentation site…


Running ‘Have I Been Pwned’ with Azure and Cloudflare | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

Have you been pwned? SSW’s Matt Wicks discusses Troy Hunt’s ‘Have I been Pwned’ website: – The internals of Have I Been Pwned – What technologies are used to minimize the cost of running the service – How Troy uses Cloudflare as a CDN (to use Azure less and avoid big $$$) – The how…


What you need to know about Containers (in under 3 minutes!)

Build and ship your application anywhere.


Thousands of concurrent connections with Azure SignalR Service

As much as everyone loves having real-time applications, it is a pain to have them in high traffic websites. Scaling is a big issue which can be easily solved by using Azure’s SignalR Service. How can we add real-time functionality to cloud hosted web applications? How can we test and handle high traffic volume without…


Clean Code with Entity Framework Core | Brendan Richards

Object Relational Mappers like EF Core exist to take the drudgery out of getting your Object-Orientated C# code to talk to a relational database. Opinions on this vary from “ORMs are the Vietnam of Computer Science” to “If you write data access code, you are stealing from your client”. Like any powerful tool, EF Core…


The Ultimate Azure Developer Course (8 parts) – Dev SuperPowers Azure Tour

This feature packed series is designed to bring developers up-to-speed on the new features and benefits of using Microsoft Azure to build awesome cloud-based applications. At SSW we have already gone through the hard work of learning how to implement apps on Azure and we will be showing you everything you need to know in…


Machine Learning simplified for Developers with ML.NET – Jernej “JK” Kavka

Microsoft recently launched ML.NET 1.1 which is a great entry point for .NET developers and to gain experience building something with Machine Learning. With the recent release of ML.NET Model Builder, we can create machine learning models by attempting to import raw data first and over time curate the data, to get better results. JK…