Tech News #21: Arm64 support in .NET 7, Adobe buys Figma

September was a big month for Microsoft with Azure DevOps to Github and the release of .NET MAUI on the back of .NET 7. We talk shop with Github and functionality improvements on Terraform including Pulumi which now supports heaps of languages. We finish up with some new tech from Apple, Microsoft features and end with some laughs about virus protection. Join us and get up to date news at


Documenting decisions and discoveries with Piers Sinclair

Work can change quickly. So, if decisions and discoveries haven’t been documented, it can cause significant pain down the line.


Monitoring your Azure costs with Warwick Leahy

Managing the monthly spend on cloud resources (e.g. Azure) is hard. It gets harder for the Spend Master (e.g. SysAdmins) when developers add services without sending an email to aid in reconciliation.


Talking to the man who runs NDC Conferences – Jakob Bradford and Adam Cogan at NDC Melbourne 2022

Adam catches up with Jakob Bradford in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic. They discuss the challenges of running a hybrid conference and the resilience of the developer community in the wake of attending remote events. The future is looking bright again and everyone is excited to see industry leaders face to face.


Streamlining Logins with Phil Nash | NDC Melbourne 2022

Everyday we interact with sites online, and that means having and using a username and password. Phil talks us through how to streamline the login process, maintain best standards for security and making the user experience smooth and trouble free using Twilio.

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Hosting Function Apps with Azure Serverless with Lars Klint | NDC Melbourne 2022

Lars Klint joins us at NDC Melbourne to show us a really cool tip with Azure Serverless that might save you some money.


Flexing Your Biceps with Azure – Making laC easy and fun with William Liebenberg

No matter how hard we try, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) JSON templates aren’t easy or fun to maintain for enterprise platforms and applications.
Now we can flex our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) muscles using a new tool called Azure Bicep.


Tech News #18: New tool to migrate from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core & GitHub Pages made easier

Visual Studio releases a new tool to migrate from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core, GitHub Pages made easier with new deeply with GitHub actions and you too can win big with this year’s MAUI Beautiful UI Challenge.


Do you have a product roadmap?

A product backlog is a great way to see the fairly small broken up PBIs (Product Backlog Items) that make up your team’s “to do” list, but it can be a bit too zoomed in and makes it easy to stray from the product goals.