Azure Resource Naming Conventions with Luke Cook

Having inconsistent resource names across projects creates all sorts of pain:
– Struggling to identify resources
– Unsure what to label new resources.
– Risk of duplicating resources


Tech News #13 – State of JS Survey 2021, AU domains available, GitHub issues changes, .NET 7 preview

Join Adam as he delivers the latest Tech News during our March User Group.


Microservice Solutions with Ocelot on Azure with Patrick Zhao

Learn from Patrick how valuable Ocelot is and see the ins and outs of building an API gateway and protect the services using Azure VNet.

.NET turns 20!

Tech News: The dark side of Open Source, Mermaid.js, AirTag tracking misuse & .Net turns 20!

Join Adam on a rollercoaster of emotions as we celebrate with .Net for their 20th birthday 🎂 then delve into spooky tales from the dark side of GitHub’s open-source world 🙀


Taming GitHub – Notification Hell 🔥 with Adam Cogan and Luke Parker

Notifications from GitHub can be quite a pain, as they send a lot of emails. This leads to many developers ignoring the important emails they receive.


Azure Architecture Center by Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan

Azure Architecture Center is a one stop shop for all things Azure Architecture. It’s got a library of reference implementations to get you started. Lots of information on best practices from the big decisions you need to make down to the little details that can make a huge difference to how your application behaves.

superfast transactions with Bryden Oliver

Superfast transactions in low milli-seconds using Cosmos DB and Redis with Bryden Oliver

Need a way to make your code behave like Cosmos has transactions? Let Bryden Oliver show you how.


Tech News: .NET from Xamarin to MAUI, Visual Studio 2022, GitHub Actions, Microsoft Teams, AngularJS (RIP)

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through SSW Tech News: .NET from Xamarin to MAUI, Visual Studio 2022, GitHub Actions, Microsoft Teams, AngularJS (RIP)

What's new in Azure Form Recogniser

What’s new in Azure Form Recogniser? with Microsoft AI MVP Somy Ayazi

Join Somy Ayazi for a brief on Azure Cognitive Services and an overview on Azure From Recogniser new capabilities.