Building MVVM JavaScript Apps for the C#/VB/XAML Developer using Knockout JS

In this video, Jason Beres – Senior VP of Developer Tools @ Infragistics – teaches developers how to implement the MVVM pattern in HTML5/JavaSvript using the Knockout JS library. Key topics covered include: A review of MVVM Fundamentals A walkthrough of simple WPF MVVM line-of-business application An introduction to the Knockout JS library A walkthrough…

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Saving the World One App at a Time – The Humanitarian Toolbox | Presented by Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks fame tells his story of software, hardware and charity that ultimately has led him to the Humanitarian Toolbox (htbox.org). The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source initiative to build software for disaster relief – both for the Non-Governmental Organizations that are involved in disaster relief, the citizen volunteers that donate…

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