Hanselman Unplugged 2 – Back Down Under

Scott Hanselman was in Australia as a special guest presenter at NDC Sydney. Scott was awesome enough to stop in at SSW to give a talk at an extra-special Sydney .NET users group. In this session, audience members were given the unique opportunity to ask any questions they wanted to Scott. Scott was incredibly “edutaining”…

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What is a compiler? We thought we knew… | Mads Torgersen at DDD Brisbane 2015

SSW TV was proud to sponsor and record 2015’s DDD event in Brisbane. This video features Mads Torgersen, Program Manager at Microsoft, who talks about compilers, specifically Roslyn. This is a fascinating talk and should be watched by any developer. From the description: Project “Roslyn” revamps C#’s fundamental compiler infrastructure, and challenges our concept of…

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What’s new in Visual Studio 2015 and ALM 2015 with Adam Cogan

Book Adam Now Visual Studio 2015 is going to be a huge change for both windows and non-windows developers. Thanks to a new/refreshing/cool/awesome change of attitude, Microsoft is embracing the winning tools in the development space and is building them into the next version of Visual Studio. The open sourcing of .NET Core 5 and…

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