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Introducing ScriptCS | C# on a diet with Glenn Block

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Have you ever found times where you just want to write and execute some C# code and you ask yourself Do I really need an IDE? a solution? a project? a class? Do I really need to compile? Why do I have to worry about a...

‘Hack Yourself First’ and Other Web Security Tips for Web Developers with Troy Hunt

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SSW’s Damian Brady sits down with Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Developer Security MVP, to talk web security. In this interview, Troy takes us through some of the most important security aspects of the web and what web de...

100th SSW TV Release: The Future of Microsoft with Microsoft Regional Director Patrick Hynds

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Patrick was the 1st guest on DotNetRocks, the 1st guest on RunAsRadio now becomes the 100th guest on SSW TV. Adam Cogan interviews Microsoft Regional Director Patrick Hynds on what he thinks is the future of Micros...

DDD Sydney 2012 | Mehdi Khalili: ‘Automated UI Testing Done Right with Selenium’

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Many teams try Automated UI Testing and many fail. Automated UI Testing is hard: the tests take a lot of time to write and tend to be brittle and hard to maintain. In this session, Mehdi Khalili will provide you wi...

Getting Started Developing Apps for Windows Phone 8 and More with Nick Randolph

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Want to develop your apps for mobile devices? You'll need to install the right tools to get the job done. Visual Studio 2012 offers a powerful development environment to build great apps quickly. There are valuable 3r...

Clean Code, Testing and Continuous Improvement with Peter Gfader

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SSW's Adam Stephensen (Solution Architect) is joined by Peter Gfader to talk about Clean Code, testing and continuous improvement Peter Gfader is an Agile Enthusiast and aspiring Software Craftsman who likes Clean ...

ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS with Scott Allen

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Adam Stephensen does a webcam interview with Scott Allen. They discuss using AngularJS in ASP.NET MVC to build responsive web applications with two-way data-binding, clear separation of concerns and improved testabili...

PowerShell v3 with Jason Stangroome

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Jason Stangroome presents a User Group on PowerShell v3. He discusses: Why developers should care about PowerShell What's changed between version 2 and 3 C# inside PowerShell C# extending PowerShell C# h...

Eat your vegetables! Baking Healthy Projects with Unit Testing and Dependency Injection

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Unit testing and Dependency Injection are good for you, yet these essential ingredients are missing from many projects. In this session resident guru Adam Stephensen looks at why many projects still don't include u...

How Your Website is Being Pwned While You’re Not Looking with Troy Hunt | DDD Sydney 2012

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We all invest a lot of effort in the quality of our web development and (hopefully) security is one of those practices we bake in from the ground up. Thing is though, like most things in software development, times ch...

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