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Intro to Machine Learning | Damian Brady at DDD Sydney 2018

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What exactly is machine learning? And more importantly, will I understand the answer without doing a Masters and a PhD? Sure! Join Damian, a fellow AI/ML-newbie, as he walks through what machine learning is, how it...

Security devolution with Troy Hunt – HTTPS + content security + CAA + WTF

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Web security has come a long way in recent years. These days, there’s a whole bunch of browser security features that can not only make your site more secure than ever, but make your job as a developer even easier....

Full Stack RX Programming | Brendan Richards

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Like many of us, Brendan first started working with reactive programming patterns under JavaScript based user interfaces with RxJS. But Reactive Programming is a pattern available to most modern languages, including R...

I have a container… now what? | Thiago Passos

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This is not the same container 101 talk you’ve seen a dozen times. The point of this talk is how to ship a container to production, once you’ve built it. We’ll containerize a .net core app, debug locally, set up co...

10 Years of Teaching Kids to Code | Lynn Langit @ DDD Brisbane 2017

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DDD Brisbane 2017 is a conference ran by developers for developers and SSW TV was on hand to catch some of the action! Speaker: Lynn Langit @lynnlangit In this talk, TKP Director Lynn Langit will share learnings f...

Top 3 Reasons for going Serverless

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Check out our top 3 reasons why you should be thinking about moving to serverless architecture.

Azure HotShots | The Azure bits you didn’t know you needed to know | Thiago Passos

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Azure is big. Really big. There are more than 60 different products that make up Azure and knowing which to invest time in is a serious challenge. This presentation gives you a very brief introduction to the parts ...

Computers have feelings too! | Paul Glavich at DDD Sydney 2017

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Well not quite, but they can detect them. This talk will explore Microsoft Cognitive Services in Azure. We'll take a look at the offerings overall, and then take a deeper look into specifics such as Sentiment analy...

Chatbots explained | Azadeh Khojandi at DDD Sydney 2017

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Apps are dying, and bots are taking over. It is clear to everyone that interacting with a bot in messaging apps is way more convenient than downloading a new app.

Get ready for modern DevOps | Danijel Malik

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Modern DevOps is a highway to greater business value and it works cross-platform. Automated deployments solved a handover problem, Application Monitoring Platforms closed the feedback and crash reporting gap, and c...

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