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Avoiding Agile Anti-patterns with #NoProjects and #AgileManagementTransformation

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Agile project methodologies are widely adopted by the IT industry, but the project failure rates remain consistent. John will share his experience of common Systemic Agile anti-patterns, examine the underlying caus...

Azure Functions and the future of Serverless in the Enterprise | Jeff Hollan [Microsoft]

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Serverless hit the ground running with plenty of excitement, skepticism, and conversation. Hear from the product manager lead for the Azure Functions runtime on where serverless has succeeded today, it’s shortcomin...

Build the Real-time Web with SignalR Core and Azure SignalR Service | Anthony Chu [Microsoft]

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Azure SignalR is a fully managed real-time messaging service. Learn how it integrates with ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and Azure Functions to add real-time capabilities using WebSocket to your applications.

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 2.1 | Jason Taylor at DDD Sydney 2018

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The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building web applications. Many challenges exist, and getting started can be a daunting prospect. Let's change that now. ...

Making unit tests simple again with .Net Core and EF Core | Jernej Kavka at DDD Sydney 2018

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Unit testing can be hard especially when databases are involved. In this talk, JK will teach you how to include EF Core to simplify testing of “Will this actually work on a real DB” while keeping the tests self-con...

Full Stack Rx – Using Redux Patterns on the Server Side with .Net Core, and SignalR | Brendan Richards at DDD Sydney 2018

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Imagine you had something really important to tell everyone but weren't allowed to speak up until asked. That's how all web servers and WebAPIs with their HTTP Request/Response cycle operate. SignalR, built on WebS...

Modern testing for modern developers | Amanda Dean at DDD Sydney 2018

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Just like development tries to move away from ineffective and inefficient approaches, testing has evolved since the days of heavyweight, formal test cases, and large test teams working in isolation. Testing is no l...

Azure Functions Aren’t Enterprisy, Are They? | Thiago Passos at DDD Sydney 2018

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Starting with Azure Functions is easy, but how do they fit together in an enterprise context? In this talk, Thiago shows you how to set up continuous integration and delivery and how to manage different environment...

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform on Azure | Tom Harvey

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Managing infrastructure through a user interface can often create a situation where it is difficult, if not impossible to reproduce your infrastructure consistently. Because of this, many operators have adopted the...

When Serverless Meets Containers | Justin Yoo at DDD Sydney 2018

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One of benefits using serverless architecture is "no need to worry about infrastructure management". On the other hand, container technology is about "no need to worry about setting up infrastructure". They are two...

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