Thousands of concurrent connections with Azure SignalR Service

As much as everyone loves having real-time applications, it is a pain to have them in high traffic websites. Scaling is a big issue which can be easily solved by using Azure’s SignalR Service. How can we add real-time functionality to cloud hosted web applications? How can we test and handle high traffic volume without…

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Clean Code with Entity Framework Core | Brendan Richards

Object Relational Mappers like EF Core exist to take the drudgery out of getting your Object-Orientated C# code to talk to a relational database. Opinions on this vary from “ORMs are the Vietnam of Computer Science” to “If you write data access code, you are stealing from your client”. Like any powerful tool, EF Core…

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Chinafy your apps + Lessons you can steal from China | Adam Cogan

Adam Cogan will talk about his experience getting applications ready for the Chinese market. About the presenter: Adam Cogan is the Chief Architect at SSW, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner specializing in custom .NET, SharePoint, Business Intelligence, and CRM solutions. Certified Scrum Trainer with, Adam trains developers in Australia, the US, UK and Europe,…

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