NDC Sydney 2020 – Ask Me Anything!

Matt Wicks talks with Yaser about his talk at NDC: Tuning web performance with just browser APIs For more interviews, watch the full video playlist:  


Design Ops – How Developers and Designers can build things together faster | Tech Tips @ NDC Sydney

Adam Cogan interviews Kristy Sachse on how Designers and Developers can work together to get ideas into their customer’s hands as quickly as possible, so that they can be used, measured and improved. They look at a few ways teams can collaborate in the early phase of development through to prototyping and then delivery. They…


Intro to CSS Grid | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

In this video, Gabe talks to Amy Kapernick who demonstrates how to use CSS Grid to mock up the layout of an app.


Building Trust in Teams – 2 Role Play Examples | Tech Tips @ NDC Sydney

SSW’s Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan interviews Richard Campbell of DotNet Rocks! fame all on building trust in teams. They use 2 real life role play examples – one in person confrontation and then another but through email. They discuss: – Daniel Pink’s book ‘Drive’ which features his framework: ‘Autonomy, Mastery and…

What’s New in .NET Core 3.0 | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

Liam Elliott talks to Scott Hunter, Director of Program Management at Microsoft, who demoes some cool new features of .NET Core 3.0, including: – Microservices – gRPC – Endpoint Routing – Exciting new experiences for Xamarin, including Xamaring Hot Restart


Pragmatic DevOps | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

Pragmatic DevOps It’s easy to feel like DevOps is too hard to implement because the theory is hard to apply in their company. Rather than give up, it’s important to be pragmatic and try to solve the problems. To do this effectively, you need the theory. With books like The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn…


Running ‘Have I Been Pwned’ with Azure and Cloudflare | Tech Tips NDC Sydney 2019

Have you been pwned? SSW’s Matt Wicks discusses Troy Hunt’s ‘Have I been Pwned’ website: – The internals of Have I Been Pwned – What technologies are used to minimize the cost of running the service – How Troy uses Cloudflare as a CDN (to use Azure less and avoid big $$$) – The how…


Routing in ASP.NET Core 3.0 | ‘Tech Tips’ @ NDC Sydney 2019

Brendan Richards and Ryan Nowak explain the new End Point Routing system included in ASP.NET Core. They look at some practical problems in routing and middleware and how Endpoint Routing solves them.


Moon base and the Artemis Missions with Richard Campbell | ‘Tech Tips’ @ NDC Sydney 2019

SSW General Manager Ulysses Maclaren is joined by the one and only Richard Campbell to talk about the Artemis Program, the plans and reasons for a Moon Base, and what it could mean for humanity in the next 50 years.