Joseph Albahari

Software Architect at O'Reilly Author



Joseph is a software architect, author, and speaker with extensive experience in design and programming. He is keenly involved in C# and LINQ, and is the author of the popular book "C# 4.0 in a Nutshell". He has also written LINQPad, a very popular tool that has seen great success. He speaks regularly at conferences such as JAOO and TechEd - and at his local .NET user group in Perth and is an author at O'Reilly Media.


Joe Albahari Programming guru

What I’ve learned from 20 years of programming in C# | Joe Albahari

Hear from Joe Albahari, a C# Programming guru! In April 2001, Joe wrote and published his first C# program. Join him in discovering the most valuable principles that he’s learned in the 20 years of C# programming that followed. In this video he covers a range of topics, with plenty of samples and useful code…

LINQPad Demo with Joseph Albahari

LINQPad Demo with Joseph Albahari

Book Adam Now In our final video from TechED Australia, Adam Cogan interviews Joseph about LINQPad: • Why he created it • Joseph’s LINQPad website • Bananas • Pricing