Hear from Joe Albahari, a C# Programming guru!

In April 2001, Joe wrote and published his first C# program.

Join him in discovering the most valuable principles that he’s learned in the 20 years of C# programming that followed.

In this video he covers a range of topics, with plenty of samples and useful code that you can take away.

This was chocked full of great information, definitely worth checking out!


00:00 – Introduction

01:04 – Types

18:55 – Functional Programming

19:43 – What Defines Functional Programming?

33:26 – Lazy Values

36:20 – Cache a function – Memoizer

41:49 – Using a Closure instead of a Class

43:24 – Memoizer example

45:07 – Asynchronous Programming

47:58 – How do we abstract around Futures?

53:54 – Asynchronous locking

58:04 – Implementing A-synch lock with Semaphore

01:09:48 – Await inside a UI method vs a library method

01:18:04 – Using Exceptions

01:36:18 – Implementing a Retry

01:39:02 – IEither interface

01:39:58 – Downloading samples on LINQPad

01:40:27 – Q&A Session


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About the speakers

About the speakers

Joe Albahari

Joe Albahari is a C# MVP, author of "C# 9 in a Nutshell", and the creator of LINQPad. Joe has given more than 40 talks at conferences and user groups over the past 10 years.

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