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Visual Studio 2012 – is it worth the dollars?

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Book Adam Now All the way from Texas, Chris Menegay - an IT Specialist and Entrepreneur (currently working at Microsoft) - sits down with Adam Cogan to talk about Visual Studio 2012; specifically on whether Visual S...

‘How to make hiring and working with software developers less risky’ with Adam Cogan and Adam Stephensen

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Book Adam Now Marlon Marescia was joined by SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan and SSW Solution Architect Adam Stephensen for a Webinar on the 25th of October Software development is risky. SSW has worked with hundre...

Enabling Continuous Value Delivery in TFS 2012 with Justin Marks

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Book Adam Now 8 minutes. (Short Version or scroll down to see the Long Version) Adam Cogan sits down with Visual Studio Program Manager Justin Marks to discuss: The concept of Continuous Value Delivery Te...

Why C++ is Better Than C# with Kate Gregory

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Kate Gregory explains in language that a C# guy can understand, what is cool about C++ She then explains: Templates vs Generics Libraries C++ AMP C# Bottlenecks/Pitfalls Unit Testing – Testing code with...

How to Improve Your Architecture and Code Reviews with Marcel De Vries and Terje Sandstrom

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Adam Cogan sits down with Marcel de Vries and Terje Sandstrom to breakdown the Software Development process. They discuss: Evaluating the process Getting the latest and compiling Making instructions at the beg...

Cutting Edge User Interfaces with Adam Cogan

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Book Adam Now Adam Cogan discusses: General Usability Practices Windows Apps Popups and Message Boxes Controls and Forms (Windows and Web) Reports Web UI Mobile Interfaces Controversy

How to build the best SharePoint websites with Adam Cogan

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Why, how and who should be using SharePoint; these questions are answered in this detailed SharePoint presentation.

LINQPad Demo with Joseph Albahari

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Book Adam Now In our final video from TechED Australia, Adam Cogan interviews Joseph about LINQPad: • Why he created it • Joseph’s LINQPad website • Bananas • Pricing

SnagIt, Jing and Camtasia with Betsy Weber

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Book Adam Now Part 1: Overview Video not working? Click here to see the backup video In the first part, Betsy talks to Adam about: • The various products of Techsmith • The fascinating history of Techsmith...

TechED 2011 Gold Coast – An in-depth look at PluralSight.net with Aaron Skonnard

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Book Adam Now Part 1: The History of Pluralsight.net Adam Cogan talks to Aaron about Pluralsight. He covers: • The history behind Pluralsight • What it offers to the community Part 2: Pluralsight Walkthrou...

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