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Real-time Face Recognition With Microsoft Cognitive Services

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This session is all about Microsoft Face API in practice! JK, the man behind SSWSophie.com, will cover what it means to use Microsoft Cognitive Services in real-time, why offline detection libraries are essential a...

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform on Azure | Tom Harvey

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Managing infrastructure through a user interface can often create a situation where it is difficult, if not impossible to reproduce your infrastructure consistently. Because of this, many operators have adopted the...

When Serverless Meets Containers | Justin Yoo at DDD Sydney 2018

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One of benefits using serverless architecture is "no need to worry about infrastructure management". On the other hand, container technology is about "no need to worry about setting up infrastructure". They are two...

10 Years of Teaching Kids to Code | Lynn Langit @ DDD Brisbane 2017

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DDD Brisbane 2017 is a conference ran by developers for developers and SSW TV was on hand to catch some of the action! Speaker: Lynn Langit @lynnlangit In this talk, TKP Director Lynn Langit will share learnings f...

Cloud-Based Machine Learning for the Developer | Peter Myers

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Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science concerned with systems that learn from data. In this 2 part session, you will learn how a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning solution comes to life: From the creati...

Ease your mobile app development to the cloud powered by Javascript with Azure Mobile Services | Glenn Block

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Javascript, it’s not just for browsers anymore. If you are a Javascript developer today you are no longer confined to the browser frame, you can take those skills to mobile devices, servers and the cloud. The technolo...

Windows Azure | Moving Your Apps to the Cloud with Andrew Coates

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Our latest Webinar is hosted by SSW's Eric Phan, who is joined by Andrew Coates (Developer Evangelist at Microsoft) to talk all things Cloud and Azure. Being a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, Andrew is able to t...

Cloud Technologies, Windows Azure and Dynamics CRM with George Doubinski

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George Doubinski discusses: • Building hybrid apps with CRM, Azure and Twitter • Main functionality of CRM 2011 • How to leverage cloud technologies to develop advanced business solutions with CRM • How to use ...