Marlon Marescia

Marlon Marescia Facebook Ads Strategist at Marlon Marescia Digital ABOUT ME Marlon Marescia is SSW’s former Sales Manager. His hands-on experience with Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and Office add-ins help give him insight into how we can solve our clients business challenges. Marlon’s past work as a consultant, building and implementing strategic…

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How to market yourself as a developer | John Sonmez

Developers tend to underestimate the impact and importance of marketing themselves. In this video you will learn how to use effective marketing tools to boost your presence and help to better your career. John Sonmez has quite a remarkable career. He’s the founder of Simple Programmer, a website dedicated to teaching developers how better market themselves. He…

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Becoming a .NET Developer | Duncan Hunter

Dreaming of a new career? Duncan Hunter was a FireBootCamp Student that went from dietitian to professional .NET developer in 9 weeks. Watch this inspirational and motivational story about changing careers and following your passion.

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How to choose the best developer boot camp for you

In this interview Marlon Marescia from FireBootCamp interviews Jonathan Lau from on: Jonathan’s experience attending a coding bootcamp How to choose the right boot camp to attend The pros and cons of coding boot camps Which platform to learn when starting to code Take the Quiz! [WATUPRO 59]

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How to make your team more productive with SharePoint using Mindjet

Marlon Marescia sits down with Daniel Keegan of Mindjet to discuss how to make your team more productive with SharePoint using Mindjet SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest growing server product in the company’s history. Microsoft claims that 80 % of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint. With so many end users moving on the platform IT…

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Mastering Scrum – The Common Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Gerard Beckerleg, Solution Architect at SSW, sat down with Marlon Marescia, Sales Manager at SSW to talk about the common pitfalls faced by teams working with Scrum and how you can overcome them. At SSW, Gerard is a seasoned ‘White Robe’ who is able to give great insight into the Scrum framework. This video is…

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‘How To Use Video for Your Business’ with the SSW TV team

In an unusual twist the SSW TV team found themselves in front of the camera for this month’s Webinar. In this session Marlon Marescia, Raj Dhatt and Titus Maclaren discussed the reasons why you would want to use video in your business, how to effectively use video in your marketing strategy and also what the…

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How To Improve Your SQL Server Database with Daniel Hyles and Mehmet Ozdemir

A chance to watch SSW’s latest Webinar broadcasted live on the 6th of October

Are your users starting a report and going for a coffee or a smoke while they wait? Are your users constantly complaining about timeouts when using your application?

If you find yourself with a sluggish database, stop pulling your hair out! In this webinar SSW will show you the top 8 methods we use to reduce the time it takes to run queries from minutes or hours to seconds.

This webinar will provide the viewer with:

1. Top 8 ways to improve the performance of your SQL Server Database
2. How to prevent performance issues from occurring
3. How to resolve these issues after it goes into production
4. How write code that ensures your SQL server remains healthy
5. Steps an administrator can take to return your SQL server to optimal health

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