In an unusual twist the SSW TV team found themselves in front of the camera for this month’s Webinar.

In this session Marlon Marescia, Raj Dhatt and Titus Maclaren discussed the reasons why you would want to use video in your business, how to effectively use video in your marketing strategy and also what the technical aspects of video making are by showing equipment you would need to start off.

The points covered by this webinar were:


  • How to use online videos to establish your business as a trusted advisor to increase sales
  • A comparison of the best video hosting services
  • What types of videos are effective to secure sales vs just branding
  • How to create a community around your videos
  • How to convert a viewer of your video into a sale (call to action)
  • Case study: how SSW used SSW TV to create new business opportunities


  • How to make professional videos on a budget
  • Recording equipment
  • Sound equipment
  • Basics on lighting
  • Backgrounds: green screen, backdrops, sets etc.
  • Editing: the software and where to start
About the speakers

About the speakers

The Video Guys

Titus has the more creative role in the video team. He creates online videos, helps maintain the website and increases SSW's online marketing presence. He brings experience from Fox Studios, where he worked as a Feature Film Writer and Documentary Editor. Titus has a passion for Film and TV, especially comedy. He also has a passion for dogs and rehabilitates emotionally damaged dogs professionally.

The first member of the SSW TV team, Raj Dhatt, UK born and currently living in Australia, specializes in all things video. His main passions lie in Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Photography. With a keen eye for detail, Raj mostly focuses on the technical aspects of video production. He has also had experience in Directing and Producing work for charities and other organizations.

Marlon Marescia is the Sales Manager at SSW. His hands on experience with Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and Office add-ins help give him insight into how we can solve our clients business challenges. Marlon's past work as a consultant, building and implementing strategic and operational plans within small to medium businesses gives him a unique understanding of our client's needs.

Marlon and members of the SSW TV team (Raj and Titus) in their spare time created a rap music video Oh Holy Night for Marlon's 8 year old son JoJo. This project helps raise money so JoJo can sponsor children from Compassion. The music has been featured in the media on Channel 7, radio station 2GB and News Limited to name a few . You can find out more at

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