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DevOps Best Practices for Azure and VSTS | Damian Brady

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Azure and VSTS are a match made in heaven but navigating the countless features and options can be tricky! There are many ways you can deploy an application, but what are the DevOps best practices that should be follo...

From UX to CX | Improving the Customer Experience with Adam Cogan

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From UX to CX: a deep dive into improving the Customer Experience – and a hello to Zendesk, HotJar and Intercom - presented by Adam Cogan Customers want more than a good UI. They expect a good user experience but n...

Performance Tuning from the Trenches | Eric Phan

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Performance is often the last thing that developers think about when working on their projects. Often times it is after the website has crashed and burned before performance gets brought to the top of the backlog. ...

Going Hardcore on your Business Intelligence with Power BI | Adam Cogan

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Book Adam Now Microsoft‘s Power BI is one of the best products to come out of Microsoft in the last 10 years. It’s a great time to start exploring some of the advanced functionality Power BI offers. In this se...

Onion Architecture Without the Tears | Brendan Richards

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"In spaghetti code the relations between the pieces of code are so tangled that it is nearly impossible to add or change something without unpredictably breaking something somewhere else." This talk explores techni...