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Computers have feelings too! | Paul Glavich at DDD Sydney 2017

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Well not quite, but they can detect them. This talk will explore Microsoft Cognitive Services in Azure. We'll take a look at the offerings overall, and then take a deeper look into specifics such as Sentiment analy...

OAuth2, IdentityServer3 and integrating it into your current app | Paul Glavich at DDD Sydney 2016

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SSW TV brings you all the best content from this year's DDD Sydney event. In this presentation Paul Glavich shows us how to integrate OAuth2 and IdentityServer3 into you app. From the description: "Oauth2 is use...

AngularJS and ASP .NET MVC Intro/Quickstart | Paul Glavich | FireBootCamp

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Week 2 of the Sydney FireBootcamp started with Paul Glavich speaking to our students on AngularJS. Paul is an ASP .NET MVP and the CTO of Saasu one of Australia's largest online accounting services built on the .NE...