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.NET To The Power of R1: An Introduction to R Development Language | TJ Gokcen

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R is a language for statistical programming that is widely used among data scientists. Last year Microsoft purchased Revolution Analytics, a leading R company. As a result, Microsoft recently released Visual Studio...

Visualization and Kanban Boards with TJ Gokcen | FireBootCamp

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TJ Gokcen presents an evocative and interactive talk about how to manage and account for every step of the Software Development Process, using Vizualization and Kanban boards (and how they can be worked into the scrum...

‘Kanban for Developers’ and ‘Kaizen: Continuous Process Improvement’ with TJ Gokcen (2 Parts)

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Talk #1 - Kanban for Developers There is much hype about Kanban since it was perfected and introduced to the world by Toyota. Since then, not only manufacturers but all businesses looked into this simple but extremel...