Modern Web Dev with Blazor and .NET 6 with Jason Taylor

Modern web dev

Ready to get up to speed with Blazor WebAssembly? You’ve picked the right time! Blazor has been running production systems for over two years now – it’s battle-tested and what’s more, Microsoft is just about to launch .NET 6 , the long-term support version of their hugely successful development platform.

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SSW User Group Special: Agile Olympics Sydney 2015

The Agile Dutchman Jesse Houwing, a Trainer, ALM Ranger, and Agile/ALM Consultant, will be leading the fun with Scrum, using interactive games such as Ball point game Chair game The interactive sail boat Scrum Simulation with Lego Bricks You’ll see these guys play ball, do some mystifying things with chairs, and build a Lego…

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PowerShell v3 with Jason Stangroome

Jason Stangroome presents a User Group on PowerShell v3. He discusses: Why developers should care about PowerShell What’s changed between version 2 and 3 C# inside PowerShell C# extending PowerShell C# hosting PowerShell

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