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Intro to Machine Learning | Damian Brady at DDD Sydney 2018

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What exactly is machine learning? And more importantly, will I understand the answer without doing a Masters and a PhD? Sure! Join Damian, a fellow AI/ML-newbie, as he walks through what machine learning is, how it...

Security devolution with Troy Hunt – HTTPS + content security + CAA + WTF

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Web security has come a long way in recent years. These days, there’s a whole bunch of browser security features that can not only make your site more secure than ever, but make your job as a developer even easier....

Solving first world problems with .NET Core and SignalR | Liam Elliott

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SignalR has been around since 2013, offering real-time push notifications for our websites. This year, Microsoft gave us SignalR Core, combined all of the features of SignalR with the benefits of .NET Core. Join Li...

Developing Enterprise Apps with ASP .NET Core 2.1

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The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building web applications. Many challenges exist, and getting started can be a daunting prospect. Let's change that now. ...

Full Stack RX Programming | Brendan Richards

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Like many of us, Brendan first started working with reactive programming patterns under JavaScript based user interfaces with RxJS. But Reactive Programming is a pattern available to most modern languages, including R...

DevOps Best Practices for Azure and VSTS | Damian Brady

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Azure and VSTS are a match made in heaven but navigating the countless features and options can be tricky! There are many ways you can deploy an application, but what are the DevOps best practices that should be follo...

Journey to DevSecOps! | Danijel Malik

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“Hey Dev, stop for a Sec… it’s not all about Ops!” Admit it! Ever since you adopted DevOps, things are spinning way faster than you thought they would. Tools are taking care of the CI/CD process, an APM platform gi...

I have a container… now what? | Thiago Passos

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This is not the same container 101 talk you’ve seen a dozen times. The point of this talk is how to ship a container to production, once you’ve built it. We’ll containerize a .net core app, debug locally, set up co...

Dynamics 365 for the .NET Dev | Andrew Campey

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When it comes to developing a website, you don't use pure HTML and JavaScript - you find frameworks to help. So why should your client CRM/ERP be any different? In this talk, Andrew explains what exactly is Dynamic...

Zen and the art of automated gardening | Vanessa Love @ DDD Brisbane 2017

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DDD Brisbane 2017 is a conference ran by developers for developers and SSW TV was on hand to catch some of the action! Speaker: Vanessa Love @fly401 Self care is important. Gardening is therapeutic and allows you to...

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