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The History of .NET by Richard Campbell

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Join Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks! fame as he takes us through an insightful look at the history of .NET from its beginnings almost 15 years ago to the present.

Saving the World One App at a Time | The Humanitarian Toolbox | Presented by Richard Campbell

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Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks fame tells his story of software, hardware and charity that ultimately has led him to the Humanitarian Toolbox ( The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source initiative to bu...

Computers have feelings too! | Paul Glavich at DDD Sydney 2017

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Well not quite, but they can detect them. This talk will explore Microsoft Cognitive Services in Azure. We'll take a look at the offerings overall, and then take a deeper look into specifics such as Sentiment analy...

Simplified Unit Testing with the Entity Framework Core InMemory Provider | Jason Taylor at DDD Sydney 2017

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In this talk, we'll look at how using the EF Core InMemory Provider will simplify your unit testing approach. We will discuss the typical approach versus the simplified approach, limitations, and other consideratio...

Chatbots explained | Azadeh Khojandi at DDD Sydney 2017

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Apps are dying, and bots are taking over. It is clear to everyone that interacting with a bot in messaging apps is way more convenient than downloading a new app.

Ready for Next | Tatham Oddie at DDD Sydney 2017

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This year, we celebrate 10 years of the iPhone: a device that remodelled awkward business PDAs into pervasive internet access. For a significant portion of society, they're now embedded into everything we do. I str...

Get ready for modern DevOps | Danijel Malik

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Modern DevOps is a highway to greater business value and it works cross-platform. Automated deployments solved a handover problem, Application Monitoring Platforms closed the feedback and crash reporting gap, and c...

How to Tame a Penguin | Master Linux with ASP.NET Core | Brendan Richards

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"Microsoft Heart Linux" is a big statement backed up by exciting software releases that give the .NET developer more choices than ever before. But how to get started? Brendan is a former Linux fundamentalist turned...

An Introduction to Data Science on Azure | Nick Wienholt

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Microsoft Azure provides a rich canvas for data science research and execution. Two of the key components of the data science toolkit are Azure Notebooks and the Azure Machine Learning service. In this presentation...

The State of .NET​ with Markus Egger [Full Presentation]

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A free, unbiased look at current and future development! The industry is in a state of flux. What does that mean for your software projects today and tomorrow? Will your skills be outdated? Will your current investmen...

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