Getting Started | .NET MAUI #2

Explore the foundations of a .NET MAUI project, interact with the device emulators, and start building out a UI!


Deploy a Gatsby website in under 5 minutes with Klee Thomas and Piers Sinclair | NDC Melbourne 2022

Deploying websites use to be difficult and expensive, requiring whole teams dedicated to spinning up projects. Now projects can be launched with one button using Cloud Flares network.


Clean Architecture in 5 minutes with Jason Taylor and Piers Sinclair | NDC Melbourne 2022

The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building enterprise applications.


What is MAUI | .NET MAUI #1

Matt Goldman takes us on a tour of .NET MAUI, where it came from and how the tech stack works under the hood.


Tech News #20: Azure DevOps to Github and announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 1

September was a big month for Microsoft with Azure DevOps to Github and the release of .NET MAUI on the back of .NET 7. We talk shop with Github and functionality improvements on Terraform including Pulumi which now supports heaps of languages. We finish up with some new tech from Apple, Microsoft features and end with some laughs about virus protection. Join us and get up to date news at


Upcoming Series | .NET MAUI w/ Matt Goldman and Luke Cook

Got questions about .NET MAUI? Matt Goldman and Luke have the answers for you right here!

We talk about what it is, how to get started, the basics of XAML, and all the goodness you need to get up and running with .NET MAUI today.


Checking 3rd Party Libraries before Installing with Chris Clement

Efficient software developers don’t reinvent the wheel and know the right libraries to use. Using an already existing and well-tested libraries will speed up development time.


Github end-to-end pipeline with Damian Brady & Matt Wicks

GitHub is more than just a place to keep your code. It offers features that cover your whole DevOps lifecycle from idea all the way into production.


Catering to your audience with Piers Sinclair

Often when you are talking with others, it is easy to forget they have a different background and experience to you. Then, once you start explaining something to them, they easily become lost.