Tech News #36 | Bard rebrands to Gemini, Gemini 1.5 latest updates and Sora – OpenAI’s text to video

Dive into the latest Tech News! Explore Gemini’s latest updates, OpenAI’s text to video – Sora, Neuralink’s first chip in the human brain, ChatGPT’s memory, Ollama for Windows & a Deepfake scam that executed a $25million heist.
Join host Adam Cogan as he discusses these developments and provides insights. Stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of technology!


Clean Architecture Dev Superpowers Tour | Daniel Mackay

Gain essential skills in enterprise application development using Clean Architecture and .NET and learn foundational skills to build robust, maintainable applications—ideal for developers familiar with C#. Available both in-person and online.


Transforming Company Data into Epic Insights✨ | Isabel Sandstroem | SSW EagleEye

Isabel is a dynamic Software Engineer at SSW’s Sydney office, where she infuses her robust background in computational science and statistical analysis into innovative software solutions.


SSW’s Cultural Exchange from China to Australia | Sylvia Huang

Sylvia Huang from SSW shares her SSW Cultural Exchange experience from Hangzhou, China to Australia


How to Read Source Code: Interfaces and Abstract Classes | Luke Mao | SSW Rules

Master the art of reading source code in our series! Imagine you have a jump into a project and need to understand what the code does. Luke Mao will teach you which parts of the code you should read and how to read them. Today’s topic is Interfaces and Abstract classes. Let’s get started.


Tech News #35 | OpenAI launches GPT store, Midjourney V6 and Tesla release their humanoid robot

Dive into the latest Tech News! Explore the AI Pin, Google’s Gemini vs GPT-4, Apple’s Big AI Move with MLX, Tesla Cybertruck Finally Hits the Road, OpenAI’s Dramatic Turn, AI-Generated Git Commit Messages & more

Join host Adam Cogan as he discusses these developments and provides insights. Stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of technology!


The Harmonious Dance of EF Core and SQL Server | Jernej Kavka | User Group

.NET 8 has improved the data story with new features, waiting to be discovered. Let’s embark on a journey from understanding basic scaffolding to the intricacies of schema evolution and SQL debugging. It’s time to be inspired by the art of database craftsmanship.

2023-10-19-matt-goldman-book- launch-1x1

Matt Goldman’s .NET MAUI book launch | What fills the Whitespace

Join Matt Goldman, web and mobile developer, as he unveils his journey in writing ‘.NET MAUI in Action’. Dive into the untold stories behind the words, the support system that made it possible, and his vision for the future. Witness how passion turns into reality in the world of tech authorship.


Pay Less Tax with Salary Sacrificing! | Electronic Devices | SSW Rules

Are you in Australia and looking to upgrade your tech without breaking the bank? This video is a must-watch! We’re diving into the smart world of salary sacrificing for electronic devices, a savvy financial strategy that can save you big bucks on your next tech purchase.