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Tech News #30 | Musk launches xAI, Azure AD is being rebranded, and ChatGPT gets a body

An era of embodied AI is on its way; Dev workstation with Microsoft Dev Box now comes to the public; Azure AD is being rebranded… All this and more in this month’s Tech News with our SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan.


Data Engineering – Chewing The Fat Review with Adam Cogan and Piers Sinclair

Adam Cogan and Piers Sinclair review the last 4 weeks of the company’s Chewing the Fats – Data Engineering!

SSW Rules - Youtube - Custom Chatbot Open AI with Calum (Instagram Post (Square))

Create a Killer Chatbot with OpenAI | Calum Simpson

A comprehensive video guide to creating chatbots with ChatGPT. Discover the power of the OpenAI API, its ability to generate intelligent responses, and the step-by-step process of building effective chatbots. Enhance user experience and save time by harnessing the natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT.


Debugging Difficult Conversations | Andrew Murphy | User Group

Over 80 percent of programmers found that learning to handle Difficult Conversations lead to finding better solutions to theirs problems. Join Andrew Murphy to see how to manage tough discussions.


Tech News #29 | An Avalanche of AI

Dive into the latest tech news! Microsoft makes groundbreaking AI announcements, Apple unveils its Vision Pro, and more exciting updates. Join host Adam Cogan as he discusses these developments and provides insights. Stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of technology!


Exploring Functional Programming with C# | Simon Painter & Matt Wicks | NDC Melbourne 2022

Join Matt Wicks from SSW TV as he interviews Simon Painter, a Senior Developer at Müller Dairy and self-proclaimed Code Monkey with over a decade of experience.


Unleashing the Power of Microservices | William Liebenberg | User Group

Join SSW Solution Architect William Liebenberg as he presents a game-changing approach to building microservices using Dapr and Azure Container Apps.

William gives a hands-on demonstration of how Dapr enhances resiliency and discoverability while managing dependencies and complexity as you add microservices in GitHub-to-Azure deployments.

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Keep “Plug Predators” away with best desk setup hardware | Brady Stroud | SSW Rules

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s crucial to have an efficient and organized workspace.

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