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Tech News #26 | Adam Cogan | User Group

Adam Cogan brings you the most important and recent tech news, including the release of .NET 8 preview, updates on Azure Open AI Service, GitHub, and AWS, and the rebranding of Netlify CMS. He also introduces the new, faster version of Microsoft Teams.


Simply Remote Testing with Dev Tunnels | Daniel Mackay | SSW Rules

Find out how to expose a locally running application over the internet for testing and design feedback.

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Content Creation 101 – A Creative’s Guide | Richard Campbell and Adam Cogan | Tech Chat

Storytelling and content creation can be daunting and complex endeavour.


Tech News #25 | Adam Cogan | User Group

Microsoft are integrating GPT3 into Teams, Office, Bing basically everything, Gatsby has been acquired and Notepad which was built in 1983, now has tabs, that’s only 40 years all this and more in SSW Tech News


Discover Your Digital Twin with Priyanka Shah and JK | NDC Sydney 2022

A digital twin is a virtual model that accurately reflects a physical object. Attached sensors on the physical object, produce data, such as energy output, temperature, weather conditions and more.

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Launch your developer career into space | Piers Sinclair | .NET User Group

There are many different technologies and programming languages to choose from and a vast amount of information to sift through. So, where do you begin?

8 Steps to Scrum

8 Steps To Scrum – Scrum explained

Scrum is an Agile framework that SSW has been using for over 20 years. See how easy it is for you to use in these 8 Steps To Scrum.


Managing your Azure Costs | Bryden Oliver | SSW Rules

Dealing with questions from Product Owners about expenses related to applications hosted on Azure can be a real headache 🥲


Artemis program with Richard Campbell & Uly | NDC Sydney 2022

We might not have set foot on the moon just yet, but according to our resident spaceman Richard Campbell. NASA is in its final testing of the Artemis rocket, a new pathfinder mission and a never before luna mission.