Navigating Cloud Governance | Matt Wicks & Mike Benkovich

Join Matt Wicks from SSW TV as he interviews Simon Painter, a Senior Developer at Müller Dairy and self-proclaimed Code Monkey with over a decade of experience.


Exploring Azure AI Speech Studio | Ulysses Maclaren & Michelle Sandford

Join Ulysses Maclaren from SSW TV in an insightful interview with Michelle Standford, Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft Asia Pacific. Michelle shares her experience with the Azure AI Speech Studio, discussing its capabilities, customization options, and real-world applications. From creating custom speech models to emotional nuances and personalization, dive into the intriguing possibilities offered by this innovative tool.


Exploring Radius: A Cloud-Native Platform | William Liebenberg & Will Velida

Join SSW’s William Liebenberg as he interviews Will Velida, Lead Engineer at Mantel Group, at NDC Sydney. Together, they discuss Radius, a cutting-edge cloud-native platform designed to bridge the gap between developers and operators. Learn more about the essence of Radius, its capabilities, and how it simplifies the complex task of building and operating cloud-native applications.


AI Security Fundamentals | Ulysses Maclaren & Sarah Young | NDC Sydney 2024

Join us for an insightful discussion on AI and security fundamentals. Ulysses Maclaren from SSW TV and Sarah Young, Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft delve into the importance of maintaining traditional security measures alongside advancements in AI, covering topics such as model poisoning, data privacy concerns, and the role of AI in organizational security. Gain valuable insights for navigating the complex landscape of AI-enabled applications and safeguarding data integrity. Don’t miss this engaging conversation packed with expert advice and practical tips!


Github Projects and Copilot. What’s new? | Matt Wicks & Michelle “Mishmanners” Duke | NDC Sydney 2024

Join SSW’s Matt Wicks as he chats with Michelle “Mishmanners” Duke, Developer Advocate at Github, about the latest updates on GitHub projects, including GitHub Copilot. Learn about new functionalities, project management tips and how Copilot enhances coding workflows.


Tech News #36 | Bard rebrands to Gemini, Gemini 1.5 latest updates and Sora – OpenAI’s text to video

Dive into the latest Tech News! Explore Gemini’s latest updates, OpenAI’s text to video – Sora, Neuralink’s first chip in the human brain, ChatGPT’s memory, Ollama for Windows & a Deepfake scam that executed a $25million heist.
Join host Adam Cogan as he discusses these developments and provides insights. Stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of technology!


Clean Architecture Dev Superpowers Tour | Daniel Mackay

Gain essential skills in enterprise application development using Clean Architecture and .NET and learn foundational skills to build robust, maintainable applications—ideal for developers familiar with C#. Available both in-person and online.


Transforming Company Data into Epic Insights✨ | Isabel Sandstroem | SSW EagleEye

Isabel is a dynamic Software Engineer at SSW’s Sydney office, where she infuses her robust background in computational science and statistical analysis into innovative software solutions.


SSW’s Cultural Exchange from China to Australia | Sylvia Huang

Sylvia Huang from SSW shares her SSW Cultural Exchange experience from Hangzhou, China to Australia