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We invite you to explore the stunning natural scenery, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history, and taste the delicious local cuisine.
Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a culture lover, Hangzhou is a destination you won’t want to miss. So come visit us and experience the magic of Hangzhou!

SSW Newcastle - Why open an office in Newcastle

Why would you set up an office in Newcastle?

SSW opened its 4th Australian office in Newcastle. Come find out why we think this beautiful city by the water is full of opportunity.


”Michael Jackson rule”‘ Ask Clients for Approval | Adam Cogan

A person’s signature is extremely valuable. Getting a signature is hard work. Salespeople use all sorts of euphemisms to avoid that confronting request: “…if you could just sign here…”

Requesting a signature (or just an initial) on non-contractual type documents (especially screenshots, mockups, or data-schemas) is very beneficial.

Tech News #31-September-1x1

Tech News #31 | Microsoft Copilot & Bun 1.0

Dive into the latest Tech News! Microsoft makes groundbreaking AI announcements, Copilot Copyright Commitment for customers , and more exciting updates. Join host Adam Cogan as he discusses these developments and provides insights. Stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of technology!


Mastering Web-Based Data Entry: A UX Handbook | Toby Churches | SSW Rules

Toby Churches shares our top tips on how to develop consistent and streamlined data entry forms.


Rules to Better Chat GPT and Using the Best API Ever | Adam Cogan | User Group

Are you ready to take your GPT game to the next level? Join Adam Cogan and learn invaluable tips and tricks that will help you master the AI revolution. In this presentation, Adam will show the awesomeness of ChatGPT, including prompt engineering for developers and marketers. Then Adam will also showcase the wonders of the OpenAI API and demonstrate how developers can leverage it to its full potential.

3 creative uses-thumbnail

3 Creative Uses for OpenAI API | Calum Simpson

Calum Simpson explores the fascinating world of chat GPT and its creative applications. From smart home automation to content generation. Discover how chat GPT can output commands and instructions for other systems, making your home smarter and more efficient. Witness the potential of automated content generation and its impact on your productivity. Get inspired and join the future of innovation!

SSW China: Your Path to Global Software Excellence with Our Cross-Cultural Team

SSW China: Your Path to Global Software Excellence with Our Cross-Cultural Team

(Speaking in English 🇺🇸 & Chinese 🇨🇳 with English subtitle)   Discover SSW China – Your Cross-Cultural and Bilingual Software Development Partner. Our team of experts understands both the Chinese and Western markets, delivering exceptional results with efficiency and the latest technology. We contribute to the tech community and speak your language, allowing us to…


Beyond Passwords: The Future (and Present) of Authentication

We all know passwords are not fit for purpose, and we’re slowly making our way to a “post-password” world. Passwords are a problem for security, convenience, and accessibility, and the future of authentication won’t involve passwords at all.